For many of us, casual Fridays and casual summers come to an end after Labor Day. We are forced (to a certain extent) to wear more conservative/traditional things to work. Nowadays people have created this fine line with what is appropriate to wear to a place of employment. If there are no rules, by all means go and have fun, but for most people there is a dress code or at least a decency policy that many have thrown out of the window. For this look I wore an XOXO skirt from Macy’s, tank from H&M, and a jacket from Sears  (all items purchased eons ago, maybe not eons, but none of these items are in stores 🙁 )

The look is semi business casual, but the skirt is a little too tight in the hips and derrière, hence all of the bunching. I would never wear this to my place of employment. The tank, jacket, and shoes yes! The skirt, maybe if about 5 lbs magically disappeared, which would be my hips and butt, and that is not happening. The fit of the skirt would be better if it was a tad bit larger. Ladies, this is a perfect example of why fit is important!  You don’t want to constantly have to pull and tug at your clothing. So RIP to this skirt. You were loved by many!

Something must have been really funny as I was trying to run out of the middle of the street lol

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I hope all of you had a great Christmas! I enjoyed the time spent with my family. This year we did something a little different. Instead of our usual Secret Santa game, we decided to donate the money we would spend on a gift to a charity. This year we chose St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. It is such a great feeling to give to those who truly need. We also played a w game that is new to me called the white elephant (click the link for directions because it is too much to explain lol). We definitely had a lot of fun Sunday night. My niece said this was fun I can’t wait until next Christmas lol. Kids are too cute.

Ok so let’s get to business. I was really indecisive about what to wear. I had about four different looks planned in my head but nothing came together, so I just ended up wearing a dress that I recently purchased from searsStyle (check the post).

I paired it with a pair of color-block heels from Material Girl because my dress has hues of blue throughout the design. It was an unusual match, but I think it came together pretty well.

I paired it with a blazer from Charlotte Russe and jewelry from a random store in the Jewelry District. I wore my favorite tights, Hanes Silk Reflections Black Out Opaque tights that I received from Kitty Bradshaw’s Meet N’ Tweet.

I created this photo with this app on my iphone. I’m addicted! lol

Here is a close up of my shoes

Here is a pic of my siblings and niece

I so want to steal my sister’s stockings! I would wear my niece’s skirt too, I was able to fit it lol (sad I know, but I love sequins). I love shawl collar sweaters and my bro got a little fancy with the canvas closure.

I also promised you all a snapshot of my holiday mani. Well here it is

It is pretty simple. I used red Zoya nail polish on all fingers except my pinky, which I chose to paint a silver glitter. As for the designs, very simple- white, sliver, green, and gold stripes (Christmas colors) and white and silver stars.

Well that’s it for me folks! What inspired your look this Christmas?