With Christmas only a few days away, we have probably wrapped most, if not all, of our gifts. If you haven’t you might want to get going with the wrapping so that all of the cutting and taping won’t interfere with your holiday inspired manicures. I usually just do a simple manicure in a bold color like candy apple red, or something with lots of glitter, but this year I want to take it up a notch and truly get in the holiday spirit.

Here are some great ideas for holiday inspired manicures.

Yes, some of these designs are EXTREME. I am not going to have a huge santa hanging off of my ring finger. That is definitely not going to happen, but the idea is cute lol. I probably won’t get a design on each nail, but I will jazz it up a bit. Stay tuned to see the outcome of my holiday inspired mani. In the meantime check out a few more designs in the gallery.

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