Summers in full swing gentlemen. With the temperatures rising an emphasis is put on to the limit of clothing to be worn. One major trend I see for this season is tank tops. Some of my favorite street brands are putting on a full court press. Labels like Crooks & Castles, 10 Deep, T.I.T.S, Bloodbath & Rocksmith have some major designs for a staple that used to be for women and dudes with major muscles. Well add skinny/slim dudes like Machine Gun Kelly, Wiz Khalifa and yours truly jumping on this trend. Check a few of these looks below and make sure your push up game is on point.

All these styles and more can be found at the mecca of streetwear sites and obviously the webshop of each brand. No matter the temp always remember to be cool!

In preparation for building your Spring/Summer wardrobe you cannot, and I repeat cannot, forget about the footwear. As I was browsing Karmaloop I came across the 80% 20 Seanne Shoes. These shoes are currently on sale and will be great additions for your Spring wardrobe. Since we had somewhat of an awesome winter, I am hoping that spring is just as awesome. The Seanne Shoes are great transition shoes. They can be worn with socks or tights now with the chilly temps and when the spring hits go bare leg with these babies. Check out the Seanne Shoe from 80%20

The Seanne Shoe in Fawn Original price $190 Sale Price $79.95

The Seanne Shoe in Herringbone Original price $190 sale $94.95

The Seanne Shoe in Kiwi original price $190 Sale $66.95

The Fawn and Kiwi color options are the best for the spring. The Herringbone is a little dark but can work as well.

Click here to purchase

Check out the 80%20 website

So earlier today I did a Rock It or Drop It post featuring Rihanna in a hoodie dress. Well reader Jazzmine helped us out and found the designer. Rihanna’s dress is made by Joyrich an Los Angeles based streetwear brand founded in 2007.

“Established in 2007, the Joyrich brand came to life through the hands of founder Tom Hirota in the heart of Los Angeles.  With creative direction by Taka Okude and design by David Melgar, the Joyrich brand is developed from an international perspective.  The team’s mix of influences culminates with a “retro-future” flair inspired by iconic items of past generations to create the brand’s unique and characteristic Joyrich colorful pop textiles.  Drawing on a variety of design sources, Joyrich blends the essence of several styles to create balanced pieces that are always fun to wear and that suggest an aura of both casualness and richness.  Layered upon this are pop art graphics that have become the trademark of Joyrich pieces, attracting musicians and celebrities around the world since arriving on the market.” source

Check out some other Joyrich designs

Joyrich can be purchased at Karmaloop and Revolve Clothing visit the website at

dangerously beautiful

I love this “Repsect My Mind Respect My Grind” t-shirt from Dangerously Beautiful. If I’m out here grinding, doing what I need to do to better myself intellectually, physically, socially, and financially, you can’t mess with me.  I also love the shirt “Dangerously Beautiful” because I am a threat! Beautiful, Intelligent, Driven. Pretty face and all, I have a purpose on this Earth and I am going to fulfill it. Respect my mind, respect my grind, because I am dangerously beautiful…enough said.

Ladies its time to bring back class! Don’t worry about what they are doing in the media, set your own standards, don’t follow what’s popular right now. Class is now in session!

Dangerously Beautiful at KarmaLoop

dangerously beautiful2