Rihanna has been making headlines all week it seems like. On Monday the singer released a remix to a fan favorite “Birthday Cake” with Chris Brown. So many people were up in arms about her decision to create music with Chris Brown because of the events of 2009. Personally, I believe in forgiveness and if she forgave Chris for the incident then so be it. I don’t believe in holding grudges. The only person that you are hurting is yourself in that situation.  I haven’t been in a relationship similar to what Rihanna and Chris Brown had, and I am in no position to judge them or their decisions so I won’t-it is their life and they will do as they please, regardless if we agree or disagree with their decisions.   With that being said I will however judge this ensemble that she is wearing!

Rihanna and bestie Melissa were leaving her London hotel and Rihanna wore a grey “Rich” hooded sweatshirt dress. She tried to jazz it up a bit with some blue fishnet socks and royal blue pointy toe stilettoes. I must say that I actually like the dress. I have been looking for the designer, but could not find it. I did however find a few options that are similar. I would not have worn the dress with the socks and heels. I would have ‘thugged it out’ just a tad bit and wore it with a pair of Jordans, preferably the Cement 3s or 4s, or the Concords. I think if she would have paired it with the sneakers instead of the heels and removed that knot then she would have nailed this look.

What do you guys think about Rihanna’s look?

Here are some dresses similar to Rihanna’s at all price points. Once I find the designer of Rihanna’s dress I will update the post


  1. I don’t like the long sweater dress. It makes her look like an old lady. I would personally not wear it because I’m short and curvy and most times anything big or long on me, looks unflattering in me. Drop It.

  2. I love the dress…..I think it might be by Joyrich

  3. I love the dress, and i like the ideas of Rihanna the way she dress.

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