Now if you know me you know that I loathe sweatpants. I don’t own a pair and people think I’m crazy. I just can’t bring myself to wearing them. I have leggings and yoga pants and those are my go-to items for comfort. I think it was in college when I decided I hated sweatpants. While on the dance team when we would travel to competitions we would have to wear our “uniforms” which were oversized sweats from the 90s, maybe even the 80s. Because dance wasn’t considered a “real sport” we didn’t get a budget from the sports department so we had to pay for everything ourselves. One of our advisors happened to find some sweats in a storage room and voila our uniforms. I had to wear a size large when I needed an extra small. This is probably when my disdain for sweats surfaced. Anywhoo, fashionista Robyn Fenty (Rihanna) was recently spotted rocking some sweats and she looked AMAZING. Rihanna looks amazing in almost  anything she wears, but this look is super comfortable and chic. She paired her sweats with a cropped hoodie and varsity jacket.  This look is also perfect for traveling during the fall and winter months-minus the cropped hoodie.

What I love most about these sweat pants is that the are fitted. I have a huge problem with ill-fitting clothing. It takes away from the a person’s body shape and sometimes makes them appear larger. Everything doesn’t have to be skin tight, but there should be some type of shape. I think people who wear sweats try to hide something and we should all be comfortable and embrace our bodies. So here are some options for chic sweatpants to add to your wardrobe.

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