Yes I wore snakeskin printed pants and I love them. When I first purchased the pants almost everyone I told or showed were not convinced that I could make these pants work. I think I did pretty good! These pants are probably the most comfortable pair of pants that I own. The material is extremely soft and I love that they have wide legs. I also love the versatility as they can be worn as high waisted pants as well. These babies will get a few more wears before it is time to pack them away until next year, but I absolutely love them! They are by Jaclyn Smith for Kmart (yes Kmart ) and a variation of these pants are currently on sale for $7.99, marked down from their $24.99 price tag (which is still inexpensive). Click here to purchase. I paired the pants with a basic white t-shirt from Forever 21, accessories from Luxe which can be found in Burlington Coat Factory, and my favorite shoes from Aldo.








  1. I LOVE you pants and I also bought a similar snake skin print from H&M for $10 bucks and they are super comfy! Love that clutch hun!

  2. Oops….meant to say cuff…..damn autocorrect, LOL

  3. Very beautiful looking, really love it.

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