Elephants = problems are issues that are not being addressed

When Pastor Bernard spoke about ‘elephants in the room” first on Friday at the young adult meeting and then again on Sunday at the regular service I began to think deeply about issues in my life that I have not addressed. As I sit and type this post and think about what’s going on in my life I realized that now is the time I need to address my elephants.

The only way to fix a problem or solve an issue is to first acknowledge the problem. Once you realize what is causing you hurt, pain, guilt, confusion, anxiety, fear and all of the other emotions you can seek the proper channels to resolving the issues and moving on with your life. Don’t let your elephants hold you captive from pursuing a goal or living the best life that you can possibly live.

Ignoring the issue is not going to make it go away. Once you deal with the issue the outcome may not be what you expected or what you hoped for, but remember everything happens for a reason. So instead of being afraid of what could happen if you address the issue, realize what you are putting yourself and possibly others through by not even attempting to solve it.

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