Rihanna has gone back to the blonde hair. Yes, she has gone back. Everyone is up in arms about her new hair, but this isn’t the first time she’s rocked a blonde do.

This is the first time however that we’ve seen her with long blonde hair. I must say that I like it. She is one person who can pull off almost anything. I don’t like the blonde messy hair with the dark lipstick though-it reminds me of Courtney Love, but when she first debuted the look at the basketball game I was in awe. She looked amazing.

What do you guys think about her new do?


  1. I like the blond on her, but hate the styling of it. I liked the blond short dos…

  2. i actually like it. it’s very … rihanna’ish. it’s indicative of her attitude right now – young and care-free.

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