Jennifer Hudson was spotted in this uber short black dress with these amazing black polka dot tights and leather wedge boots. I am not feeling the dress at all (hem line is way too short and it looks like something a cheerleader would perform in) but I am loving the tights and boots! She could have paired the tights and boots with some black shorts white v-neck t-shirt and a tuxedo blazer and she would have KILLED it! Well at least that’s what I would have done lol. So should she rock this look or drop it?


  1. Martinique_Fr says:

    Rock it! …All the way! Lovely tights and Jen’s legs look better covered.

  2. Rock it. What kind of material is that dress though?

  3. Rock the tights….drop the dress! Something about that dress is off-putting. Idk….can’t put my finger on it. But I LOVE those tights!

  4. Love the tights but this outfit on her is a no bueno. She just looks really bad to me. That dress is ill fitting and maybe the boots should have been a little shorter around the ankles …idk. Either way the tights are hot but the outfit is not lol

  5. Drop the look. Love the tights, but the dress is not flattering at all. It’s looks juvenile. Paired with shorts and a blazer, definitely a hot look!

  6. I need these tights in my life

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