The new year is upon us and it is about that time that everyone sets goals that they want to accomplish throughout the year. I don’t necessarily believe people have to wait until January 1 to make a change, but for many people this is a good starting point. I always write my goals out in various categories such as: faith, relationships, career, finances, health, etc. So this year I added two new categories, fashion/style and beauty thought it would be fun to share my fashion and beauty resolutions with you all for the upcoming year.  So here it goes…

  1. Shop my closet: When I shop, I sometimes forget to think about what I already own. I sometimes end up with two or three of the same or very similar items. It’s not until I get home and put everything away that I realize I had something similar. So I can only buy things that I don’t already own.
  2. Create more creative looks: When I say creative looks, I don’t mean “crazy.” I usually stick to classic pieces, which you can never go wrong with, but I want to play around with more colors, textures, prints, and accessories
  3. Buy more accessories: My accessories collection is slowly fading, and accessories transform an outfit. So when I shop, I will look for accessories first, since they are significantly cheaper than purchasing an entirely new outfit, to create different looks.
  4. Use my makeup: I have A LOT of makeup, not as much as a makeup artist, but I only wear makeup when I’m going out or on the weekends. Sometimes I don’t feel like getting up 15-minutes earlier to “put on my face” for work. So I must not waste my money and use what I have.
  5. Hair Rules: I want to try different styles. I have three “signature” styles that I rock now: my good ol’ faithful doobie wrap, a sleek-chic ponytail, and curly/waves. I want to try different hairstyles to switch up my look. Also work on getting my hair healthier. I am not on this “natural” bandwagon that most people are on. I was considering going natural, but then I really thought about it and thought why? My hair is healthy now, and I am relaxed, but I want it to grow fuller and longer.
  6. Nails, Nails, Nails: I used to do my at home manicures every Sunday, then I fell behind with some things at work and spent my Sundays trying to catch up instead of pampering myself. So I need to keep up with my manicures because they do wonders for my old lady hands.

What are your 2011 fashion and beauty resolutions?

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