The words of Pastor A.R. Bernard

But encourage each other every day while it is “today.”  Help each other so none of you will become hardened because sin has tricked you.

Hebrews 3:13 NCV

This world can be a difficult place, a place where many of our friends and family members are troubled by the challenges of everyday life.  And since we cannot always be certain who needs our help, we should strive to speak helpful words to all who cross our paths.

Genuine encouragement should never be confused with pity.  God intends for His children to lead lives of abundance, joy, celebration, and praise-not lives of self-pity or regret.  So we must guard ourselves against hosting (or joining) the “pity parties” that so often accompany difficult times.  Instead, we must encourage each other to have faith-first in God and His only begotten Son-and then in our own abilities to use the talents God has given us for the furtherance of His kingdom and for the betterment of our own lives.

When you think about it, with God on your side you have every reason to be hopeful, and you have every reason to share your hopes with others.  When you do, you will discover that hope, like other human emotions, is contagious.  So do the world (and yourself) a favor: Look for the good in others and celebrate the good that you find.  When you do, you’ll be a powerful force of encouragement to your friends and family…and a worthy servant to your Creator.

A Simple Step

Do you want to be successful and go far in life?  Encourage others to do the same.  You can’t lift other people up without lifting yourself up, too.

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