An eternity scarf is not the newest trends in neckwear, but they definitely embody style and siensiblity. These scarves go by many different names such as the infinity scarf or the circle scarf, but they all are the same: a scarf whose ends are connected in one long circle. This scarf is is the perfect accessory for an updated look. You will stay warm while looking chic.

Eternity scarves come in a variety of styles. You have chunky knit styles that will be perfect for the winter months and you also have styles made of lighter fabric are wearable year round. Here are a few scarves that will keep you feeling warm and looking chic without breaking the bank.

  1. Charlotte Russe Zig Zag Eternity Scarf $10.50
  2. Urban Outfitters Cable Knit Eternity Scarf $24 (Also available for men)
  3. Urban Outfitters Double Cable Eternity Scarf $28 (Also available for men)

Rachel Zoe also has a line of eternity scarves which retail for $50, but if you purchase through QVC they retail for $31

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