Ladies, I know that we often do a lot of work with our hands. Whether it is washing dishes, or simply typing on the computer, our hands become very dry. Who wants to walk around with sand paper for hands? That is so not cute!

If someone shakes your hand, they shouldn’t feel callouses like you just got off of monkey bars.

If you do a lot of house work or suffer from EXTRA dry skin, try using Olive Oil. No not the oil sheen, but the actual cooking oil.

  • Pour about a tablespoon of oil on our hands and rub liberally.
  • Because it is oil you want to cover your hands with plastic glove or if you don’t have any get ghetto and use plastic bags
  • After about 20-30 minutes remove the gloves (or bags) pat hands dry DO NOT WASH THEM.
  • You will definitely notice the difference.
  • Complete this process nightly
Extra Virgin Olive Oil is cheap, convenient, and great for moisturizing the skin.
I’ve done it and it really works!
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  1. I do a nice sea salt scrub using a mixture of EVOO, castor oil, lavender and peppermint essential oil. My hands are butter soft afterward. Another good tip is to put the oil on and then sleep in gloves.

  2. I have many callouses both hands and feet. I’ve been searching the right choice to eliminate this to my body. Good thing with castor oil. It works act as moisturizer from head to toe. I’m grateful to know this alternative.


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