Ok so I was doing my daily rounds on my favorite blogs and magazine sites and came across this great video about making heels more comfortable. I know for me, sometimes when iw ear heels I can only last a few hours because my feet are killing me. Some of my heels are extremely comfortable, others are definitely just heels that you wear from the car to the dinner table at a restaurant.

Many of us will sacrifice our comfort for those 4inch, 5 or even 6inch heels. So on Glamour they posted a video showing an interesting way to rid the pain of heels and make them more comfortable. I can’t post the video but the trick is to tape your 3rd and 4th toe together before putting on heels. Yes tape your toes together with either scotch tape or medical tape. This reportedly allows at least another 30minutes of standing time in your heels. Of course this can only work with closed toe heels or boots and some peep-toes, so please do not tape your toes in sandals.

I will try this trick in the near future and see if it works.

Click here to watch the video. 

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