For the past year the nail craze was to paint four fingernails one color and have the one nail (usually the ring finger) a complimentary color. Well that is still a trend, and obviously many people have becomed bored with it, and so the latest nail fad is what HighSnobette have coined as “The Couture Manicure.”

This is a spin on the traditional french manicure. Many of you are probably rocking this look now, but during the summer be prepared to see combos like orange and pink, yellow and bluepeach and teal. Well not only is HighSnobette showing the “couture manicure” they also debuted the new collection from YSL Beauty which launches in August. More photos and details about the colors below

The collection will be sold as a duo to create this look. The color combos are

  • Belle de Jour( Turquoise & Purple)-pictured
  •  Rive Gauche ( Orange & Fushia)-pictured
  •  Belle de Nuit( Plum& Gold)-pictured
  •  Y-Cone (  Pink & White)-1st pic

The colors are bright and bold! I am excited for this new trend and collection.



  1. Where can I find these polishes? I LOVE the colors.

    • Janique says:

      They are not available until August and you can check the YSL beauty website for the specific release date.

  2. love the look! i went to a nail bar two weeks ago and did 4 nails 1 color and my ring fingers another color. and not to toot my own horn (toot!) but i first did it 3 years ago before seeing anyone doing it. it’s cute. the technician suggested that i do a colorful french manicure and i told her next time.
    cool idea to sell these as a duo. love the belle de jour.

    • Yeah that is my favorite also. I am scheduled for my mani and pedi this week so I’m going to try it! Oh and it is ok to toot your own horn….especially if you rock trends before they are trends.

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