I’m going to do a product review for most of the items that I got from my Shecky’s Goody Bag, and there were A LOT of goodies, so hopefully these reviews help. One of the products in the bag was Organics by Noah’s Naturals Body Wash in Coconut Vanilla.


I absolutely love this body wash. The scent is incredible. Most of the time when people hear organic they think the scent is going to be something strong or overbearing like if you walk up to one of the street vendors on Fulton ave. selling the variety of oils. The coconut vanilla scent is sweet, but very subtle. Not only does the body wash smell great, but you get a great lather with a small amount. Some body washes are so diluted that you can use half of the bottle in a matter of days trying to get a good lather on the loofa sponge…smh. Organics by Noah’s Naturals body wash also leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. This is before you even apply any type of body lotion.


The body wash also comes in another scent Rosemary Mint (not sure of how this smells). In both body washes, the natural plant emolients leave the skin feeling smooth an conditioned. They also contain coneflower seed oil and Vitamin E which are both known for their healing properties for dry skin. noah2

The body lotion also comes in coconut vanilla and rosemary mint. The body lotion is a light weight formula that restores moisture and suppleness to dry , tired skin with a unique blend of natural and organic ingredients. The body  lotion contains Vitamin A which improves the skin’s texture, firmness and smoothness, and it also contains Safflower seed oil which replenishes the skin’s moisture.

Both the body wash and lotion retail for about $10.99 each for a 10 oz bottle. It is definitely worth it because your skin will feel AMAZING! Try it out and let me know what you think!



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