Last week Thursday I attended the Shecky’s Holiday Night Out event. As soon as I stepped through the door, I was spotted by a sales rep for the Enzo Milano company. I have been wearing my hair in waves for the past 2 weeks. Last week my hair was wavy, but I would cornrow my hair at night and apply mousse so the waves would stay. So the sales rep asked me to sit down and gave his lil speal but when he did the demo I was totally sold!! He used the ceramic flat iron and clipless curling iron and I actually purchased both. The curling iron is wonderful!!! I will post a video and pics…after Christmas because I am expecting a camera 🙂 lol but I would recommend this product to anyone. I curled my hair Saturday evening and my curls lasted well into Monday. It curls your hair in a matter of seconds and the great part is that your hair does not burn. I used to hate smelling my hair as I flat ironed it or curled it. You do not need any products and your hair will become shiny and soft. I am not getting paid for this review lol (I wish) but I would suggest you all look into to it.  I would purchase the small or medium size curling iron. With the small iron you can create different size waves and that is limited if you choose a larger iron (depending on hair length). Look out for the video and pics next week!


13mm Round Clipless Curling Iron (1/2″) by Enzo Milano

It runs for about $130 but many sites have it at a discounted price. Check out they have it for $109

Check out for tutorials. The curling iron and flat iron also come with a heat resistant glove and styling DVD. Oh and a LIFE TIME WARRANTY!!

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