Hair accessories are fun ways to spice up your dominican doobie wraps or add a touch of class to a classic updo. Here are some hair accessories that you can use to change up your hair style.
I personally love head bands, but I try to stay away from headbands with bows and flowers on them because I begin to look like a 12-year old.
Garcelle Beauvais’ headband gives her the image of a Greek Goddess! It is the perfect accessory for her long locks

Decorative hair pins, clips and push-back combs are perfect for holding your flawless swoop in place! If you do not want to use an actual clip, comb, or pin, use a flower like Billie Holiday. My best friend is a fan of this look. If we are walking and she sees a flower next thing I know the flower she was admiring was in her hair…lol

Tyra’s Butterfly Clip is the perfect accessory. The earrings and necklace were not needed because they would have clashed with the dress, so the hair clip accessorizes the outfit nicely.

The decorative scrunchie puts a whole new twist on the classic pony tail. The “Goody” brand colorful bobo’s are to juvenile. Sometimes a plain scrunchie doesn’t cut it! On those humid or rainy days or any day where you are experiencing “hair trauma” rock a pony with one of these and it will glam up any hairstyl and any outfit.

The good thing about hair accessories is that they are very inexpensive. You can find any of these at your local beauty supply store, Target, Walmart, Duane Read or Rite Aid, even Forever21 and H&M have tonse of accessories to revamp your hair.
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