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Another year on the horizon and I don’t know about you but I’m excited for it and so thankful to what 2012 has brought me. New friends & new opportunities such as writing for this site. I learned a lot about style over this year and I hope I relayed that across my few posts. Only one way to end the year right is to bring in the next looking as proper as possible, so gentlemen below are a few ideas on how to do it right.

Depending on the type of event here are 3 options that should give you a basic idea of where my mind is going. Not every one is for the full get up but that doesn’t mean style should be lax as well…


Now some like to go all out but try to keep a little fun involved. Patterned accessories or not so normal fabrics should help you accomplish this…


Somewhere in between your look can lie as well but again fabrics and accents must be key. A full on hard bottom might turn you off so something like a dress boot can keep a little funk.



  • Try to avoid too much matching – patterns, fabrics, colors.
  • Avoid too many loud colors – subtlety speaks louder.
  • Make sure of your size & fit – #1 mistake made by most.
  • Avoid logos with suits – Gucci, Hermes & such belts & patterns should never be paired with suiting. Keep it for when you’re on the ave.

Keep it fly & safe this new years night & see you in 2013!


Its the new year, so ladies it is time we take our style to the next level. Before we elevate, we must make sure we have the key pieces that are the foundation of any woman’s wardrobe. With these basics you will have the essentials for the following:

  • A job interview
  • Lunch/Brunch with friends
  • A black tie affair
  • A date
  • A job interview or business meeting


So here are the basics (in no specific order)

  1. A sharp white shirt that suits your figure
  2. Light weight cardigan
  3. A jacket or blazer that can be paired with pants or a skirt to form a suit
  4. Pants/Trousers: denim, tailored for the day time, and a pair of black trousers that can go from day to night
  5. LBD- Little Black Dress
  6. A skirt that suits your figure (pencil skirts are not for everyone, try an a-line skirt if you are a full-figured diva)
  7. A round-neck top which is a dressy alternative to a t-shirt
  8. Selection of t-shirts or tanks that can be dressed up or dressed down. (Go for tops with slight embellishment)
  9. Essential shoes: a good boot, ballet flats, black pumps, an evening shoe
  10. A good quality handbag

Once you have these basic items, you have the foundation of a stylish wardrobe. Until next time, happy shopping and happy styling.

If you and your friends still have not solidified any plans for New Year’s Eve, here are a few suggestions from Glamour that will not break your pockets. As we all know, this is the one time of year when clubs and restaurants charge outrageous prices to bring in the new year at their establishment. I don’t think paying $100 per person to bring in the New Year is necessary. You can still have a great time and get ahead start on that savings plan for 2011. Here are the suggestions for a great New Year’s Eve date that won’t break the bank.

1. Invite a few friends over for a potluck. Your delicious smorgasbord will be way more wallet-friendly than dinner at a fancy pants restaurant. Plus, you’ll have plenty to snack on while waiting for the ball to drop.

2. Order delivery and watch your favorite movies on DVD. If you and your beau are hoping for a more intimate way to ring in the New Year, call up your favorite delivery spot. Remember to place your order super early (at least an hour before you’d like to eat), delivery times on big holidays can be pretty intense.

3. Have dinner at a diner or burger joint. If you’d really like to go out on Friday but don’t want to drop a ton of dough, head to a hole-in-the-wall spot you love. Your dinner bill will probably cost less than cover charge at a fancy club. And since most party-minded folks will go to dressy and expensive restaurants that require reservations, your no-frills dive shouldn’t be too crowded. If you’re feeling really festive you and your fellow could splurge and order a milkshake. With two straws.

4. Prepare a few fancy appetizers and drinks and have a romantic night in. Get in touch with your Iron Chef fantasies by whipping up your favorite culinary goodies.

5. Get your game on. Play one of your favorite board games together while sipping champagne. Slightly saucy Scrabble, anyone?


This is the last week of 2010 and this is also the last chance to buy those perfect shoes for the New Year’s Eve festivities. As we all know, your shoes can either make or break your outfit. So I have created a guide featuring some of our favorite shoe designers like Rachel Roy, Sam Edelman, and Jessica Simpson. You can’t go wrong with any of these…check them out

New Year's Eve Shoe Guide

New Year’s Eve Shoe Guide by Her Goody Bag featuring high heels shoes

Rachel Roy: Give Shine > Kimi
$99 – rachelroy.com
Rachel Roy »

My little sis Whitney recently purchased these Jessica Simpson heels and they are definitely New Year’s Eve appropriate

Jessica Simpson Satino Black

Hopefully the snow in NYC doesn’t ruin anyone’s New Year’s Eve plans. Be safe and stay fly!

 Yes I am back in action and I appreciate all of your patience. So this post is for people who want a little inspiration for their look for Christmas dinner. So here are a few looks for you guys! Tell me what you think. 

This look was created for the host. If Christmas dinner is being held at your house, you must dress the part of the elegant host. The dresses are chic and very comfortable. 

Some people may not be going to a fancy/formal dinner. Maybe they just hang around the house with family and friends playing games, watching sports, and eating food. Well these looks are casual yet stylish.

The last set includes looks that are not too dressy or casual. They are the perfect balance. These looks are great if you are going to dinner with your significant other and his family especially. You show that you have style and class at the same time. Some women do not know how to achieve that balance and end up looking a little trashy for grandma, so these looks are definitely appropriate.

Chic Christmas

Chic Christmas by Her Goody Bag featuring tall heels