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Teairra Marie

Last night the BET Awards aired live from LA. I must say it was an eventful 3hrs and 30 minutes. BET tries so hard but falls short each and every time. First of all when is there EVER a tie on an award show? I mean really BET?  The worst part of the night had to be the Viewer’s Choice announcement. That was just a mess. I was excited to see Beyonce perform live from the Glastonbury festival, but when it was 11:15 Eastern Time it was after 4am in London so clearly it wasn’t live. When I saw the performance I was like wait I saw this earlier on a Live Stream of the concert, so that was a fail on BET’s part. Anyway let us get on to the fashion shall we…

I did not like any of these looks. Teairra Marie needs a new stylist asap. She is a beautiful young lady but her outfit choices just makes her look sleezy. Nicki’s wig is nice and her makeup. I hate the dress tights and boots. Rocsi’s dress is ill fitting but her shoes are cute. Moving on…

I couldn’t find a pic of Lala’s dress from the front but I love the black and silver looks that Keke Palmer and Lala both chose.

I like them as a couple and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Amber’s shoes!

Kerry Washington is always so elegant. This was probably my favorite look of the night. The color and style of the dress were perfect for her.

I love Meagan Good, just not in this prom dress. Eve’s vest is cute but I am not feeling that avatar braid she has going on. Lola Monroe well she looks like Lola Monroe. I wasn’t wowed or disappointed.

Loved Mary’s dress…I am not to sure about the hair. I think a different style would have complimented the dress more.

Kelly looked AMAZING. She definitely channelled Janet Jackson and her “I Get So Lonely” days (that was my jam) and even a little Ciara from the “Ride” video during her set with Trey. They are close friends so CiCi probably taught her some moves. I hated that hat she had on. Definitely wasn’t motivating but none the less her performance was good.

I love Keri’s look. It was very simple but she still looked good. I wish she would change her hair color. The blonde washes her out. It is just too close to her complexion. Tracee Ellis Ross never cease to amaze me. She rocked the heck out of that lace dress and those red pumps. She is one that is always on point. I loved Alicia’s look especially her shoes. It is something about those Daffodil’s.

Who rocked your favorite look? I’m going with Tracee Ellis Ross and Kerry Washington