On Monday I had the opportunity to attend a great event by NIVEA to relaunch the “Style, Uncapped” campaign. If you follow me on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter you would have seen me posting a few pictures about the night.


“Style, Uncapped” is a customized lip care campaign to help celebrate their consumers’ personal style. The design program can be found at and now consumers can “customize every kiss occasion.”


With themes like Old Hollywood you have the chance to show your personal style. Style, Uncapped will allow you to choose from over 400 patterns and symbols, including the pattern created with fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff. There is an array of colors that you can choose and you can even add words.


Once you have created your design share it with the world via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and the gallery on the website. Once you have shared your design, consumers can choose your very own design for their cap or use it as inspiration to create their own. You can access the site from your computer, tablet, or mobile devices.


Once you have created your cap, you can choose from a number of NIVEA products such as “Kiss of Milk and Honey,” “Kiss of Smoothness,” “Kiss of Moisture” and more. You can order 1-4 caps for $6 a cap, 5-20 for $5 a cap or 20+ at $4 a cap. This would be a great gift for a baby shower, bacherlotte party, or any other type of party favor. It takes two weeks to create and ship. I can’t wait to receive my HGB design!


At the end of the night there was a raffle for three Rebecca Minkoff Skylar Mini Bags. Melissa from O So Chic won one of the bags! We also received the exclusive Rebecca Minkoff cap design with a NIVEA Chapstick (Kiss of Moisture).


So today tap into your creative side and visit for your customized NIVEA Lip Care products!

If  I could describe Rebecca Minkoff’s Fall 2012 collection in two words it would be TEXTURE and PRINT. Texture ruled the runway for Minkoff this season and it was phenomenal. From brocade biker jackets, to sequins pants and tops Rebecca Minkoff found a way to incorporate texture in to our everyday wardrobes. Not only will we be able to turn heads in fabulous brocade suits, but also fabulous prints. Snakeskin sleeved jackets, black and gold pinstripe blouses, and black and white printed pants, Rebecca Minkoff chose eye catching prints for classic silhouettes. She put a new spin on the t-shirt making it fall appropriate using shearling. What’s a Rebecca Minkoff collection without a bomber jacket? Exactly she just elevated the elements of her traditional repertoire with new prints and texture. Her use of color was also phenomenal. The hues included jewel tones, pops of red, orange, yellow, and blue-for those more bold and daring. She had also incorporated mustard, burgundy, rust, and plum for more of a subtle effect. Take a look at the collection

Photos via Photographer Yannis Vlamos

Wednesday night, I attended the Rebecca Minkoff Fall 2011 Preview hosted by Mintbox. Mintbox was hosting a giveaway and they gave away 100 tickets to this event. Unfortunately I didn’t enter, but my friend Kim did and she won. She was unable to attend the event so she asked if I would like to go instead. So thanks Kim for the ticket! Now on to the event.

The event was sponsored by Cake Pops, Theater Bar-mixologists, and Arrojo Studio. You were able to mingle with fashion bloggers like Keiko Lynnand Rebecca Minkoff herself. Arrojo Studios were on hand giving you tips on how to switch up your hair and doing tutorials as well. Theater Bar’s Mixologist served us three delicious drinks, watermelon, strawberry, and grape. Last but not list Cake Pops provided us with, well Cake Pops,think of a slice of cake on a stick.

Mintbox and Rebecca Minkoff were hosting a giveaway as well. They gave away 5 amazing bags. You had to twitpic the bags you thought were part of the giveaway. So if you follow me on Twitterand saw 30 twitpics, I was trying to win. Unfortunately I didn’t win but my blogging buddies Monroe of Fashion Steeleand Preity of Fashion Solace did so congrats to them!

We all chatted for about 2hrs, had drinks, at cake, and marveled over the Fall 2011 collection of bags.

Here are a few photos of the handbag and apparel collection taken on my Blackberry (forgot my camera in the car)

I love the black bag with the bow and stud detailing. The black and toffee briefcase style clutch is very unique and perfect for fall. One of my favorites would have to be the zebra print tote. I love animal print.

I love this briefcase. It is perfect for me to carry all of my papers in when work starts. I love the red quilted bag also with the zebra detailing. This bag also comes in black.

The motorcycle leather is a staple for the fall.

The leopard skirt was TDF.


Last week, Rebecca Minkoff debuted her 2012 Resort Collection and I must say I love the direction she has taken. The collection was inspired by 1970s St. Tropez, France. She used various prints and the idea behind the prints was sunlight through broken pieces of glass, and an array of colors emerging. Just imagine a prism and that’s the idea behind the prints used. The dominant colors of the collection were, Azure, Sunset, Persimmon, and Turquoise. Here are a few images of the collection

White lace will always be classic. Some women love the idea of feminine clothing. Everything does not have to be edgy. The silhouette of the printed dress still gives a feminine feel, but the print gives it a bold look. I love how the collection gives the best of both worlds.

The use of color in this collection is phenomenal. My favorite look would be the last look with the bright persimmon shorts and the cream blouse. It’s bold, yet sophisticated because of the simplicity of the blouse.

We get a wide selection of shoes also from Rebecca Minkoff’s 2012 Resort Collection. My eyes automatically go to the left of the collage. I love a bold shoe and the fire red and snakeskin heels are definitely bold.

What is a Rebecca Minkoff Collection without phenomenal handbags? On some of the bags, she uses spiked hardware which toughens up any bag. She also kept with the colorblocking trend. The bag on the bottom right almost has a geometric feel to it also.

This is just a bit of what you can expect from Rebecca Minkoff’s 2012 Resort Collection. I think her pieces are extremely versatile and there is something for every type of woman. Whether your style is a bit more edgy or classic, her pieces will definitely do your wardrobe justice.

What are your thoughts on the collection?

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Last Wednesday I had the pleasure of attending Ouidad’s “The Curl Experts” Catwalk Curls event.

“Relieve the style, beauty, and curly looks of Rebecca Minkoff and Tara Subkoff at New York Fashion Week 2011.”

It was a fantastic celebration with cupcakes, cocktails, and of course CURLS.

I arrived pretty early so I had an opportunity to get great photos of the salon which is absolutely amazing. Take a look

Stylist at work

There’s more

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