Last weekend we gave you Ashley Madekwe at the TopShop Holiday Launch in California in plaid separates. Well today we have one of our favorite fashionistas Lala Anthony who was at a Knicks game last week supporting her husband Carmelo. She rocked an oversized lumberjack plaid shirt and black thigh high boots.

style lalaShe completed the look with a dog faced clutch and gold accessories.

Get a similar look below

It seems like every few seasons plaid makes its way back into our lives. I used to own quite a few plaid shirts, but I have no idea where they are. My favorite was purple, black, grey, and white and I always wore it with my grey skinny jeans. I couldn’t get those skinny jeans to go past my knees a few years ago so they are long gone, and I guess my shirt is too.

Anywhoo, this season plaid is making a huge comeback and it’s not just with the tops. Think jackets, coats, blazers, skirts, dresses, shoes, and more. I think I still have this plaid jacket that I purchased from H&M a few years ago. I really love the coat, but it takes some work to put it on, well maybe not a lot of work, but it has more buttons and strings that need to be fastened and tied or you will just look ridiculous walking down the street.

Here are 5 pieces that I love that would be great additions to anyone’s wardrobe. Remember, when it comes to trends you want to pick trends that work for your body type. So be mindful of what you choose. Plaid is a busy print and you do not want to pick an item that draws attention to your problem areas. Take a look at the pieces that I selected below.

Pretty in Plaid

Closet blue flare dress

Miss Selfridge red dress

Forever 21 black top

Miss Selfridge skirt

Would you rock this trend?

This very well might be the most important item in your closet. If you don’t already own a well-fitting sports jacket, you might want to schedule it as the first thing you buy this spring. Play it right and you’ll look as sharp as well as dapper. It can be the key to a more stylish spring.

You can wear it every day, no kidding.  You can dress it up, but it’s meant to be played in. It doesn’t need an occasion, and it doesn’t need to match anything. It just needs to be worn..

There’s obviously a difference between a blazer and a sports jacket. Blazers are more prep. Why? The fact that there were mostly for school uniforms. Sport jackets obviously for sport: hunting & fishing. Recommended is one sports jacket, whether it’s cotton, tweed, wool, or linen; lined or unlined; brown, black, khaki, or plaid. Oh yes plaid, so venture through your pop’s pops closet then update the fit with tapered sides and a shorter length, preferably just below your pants pockets.

The sport jacket is versatile. Jeans, khaki, chino doesn’t matter. A plaid shirt, purple sweater, anything from khakis to jeans, it all works. Not sure, do what I do – lay the outfit on your bed from shoulder to feet take a step back and take a few glances. Keep it prep with v-neck, loafers & plaid or modern with slacks and oxfords.

Oh and accessories are a must so match up a pocket square & brass or mirrored buttons. Hopefully this enlightened you a little and below I have a few options. Pick up at least one (but more is ok as well) and step from the business meeting straight to after hours!