Hello my loves,

It is official, SUMMER is now over and so we must change our skincare routine accordingly. During the summer my skin care routine is very minimal because like most people I sweat. If I put on too much lotion or a heavy lotion it will be dripping down my back as soon as I step outside (I hope that wasn’t too graphic). So I used a light weight lotion from NIVEA (Smooth Sensation) to keep my skin moisturized in addition to some SPF.

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So NIVEA’s has revamped their brand and bottle to give their customers 25% more lotion in a sleek new bottle and I had the privilege of attending the event! Throughout the event they had “25% more” of everything especially with their cocktails. They added a pineapple ice cube to add 25% more flavor to the drinks.

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We heard a presentation from NIVEA reps and celebrity stylist Phillip Bloch. Take a look at a few pics from the event and my outfit of the day.

IMG_8848 IMG_8839 IMG_8838 IMG_8834 IMG_8831

We learned about their newest products and customer favorites. We were able to sample everything and then take a few of the products home. This fall I will definitely be using the NIVEA cremes (the original formula is 100 years old), the NIVEA Soft, and NIVEA Body Souffle for irresistibly soft skin.


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I came straight to the event from work and totally forgot that NIVEA’s color was blue. When I arrived and saw all of the blue I was like ok I might as well work for them since I use all of their products anyway lol. Anyway my outfit details are simple everything except the shoes is from New York and Company. They were having a crazy sale and I had about $75 in City Cash and so I went crazy. I updated my work wardrobe something serious for this fall. I loved the crop pants! They go perfect with my ankle tie front heels that I bought about 3 years ago from Payless (Yes they were from Payless and they are still going strong). I was never a fan of button up blouses until I tried this particular shirt on. It has ruching on the sides and back to give it a snug fit without being tight.

Oh and let’s talk about this hair of mine. A few weeks ago I went to get a blowout from the Dominican Hair Salon and the weather was just not cooperating. Since I’m transitioning to texlaxed hair, it does it’s on thing. I love the fullness of my hair and the slight curl that I have. I’m trying to use as little heat as possible so at night after I moisturize and seal my hair I put about five rods in it and wake up in the morning take the rods out and wrap my hair then take it down right before I leave for work. I am definitely loving all of the body!

Not only do I dislike winter because I hate being cold, I also hate what it does to my hair, skin, and nails. So here are some tips to help make sure you survive the winter while maintaining our beauty. These tips are for everyone! Relaxed, natural, transitioning, etc.

1. Keep hair moisturized– wash your hair once a week and use and deep condition! Leave your conditioner in your hair an extra 10-15 minutes and also use a leave-in once you’ve finished your final rinse.Use water-based moisturizing creams and natural oils like coconut, olive, and jojoba to make sure your hair is hydrated and to also add the luxurious shine.

2. Try protective hair styles like wigs, braids, and weaves to prevent harsh elements from damaging your hair and low manipulation hairstyles like buns, twist-outs, and flexi-rods to minimize the amount of brushing and combing that causes shedding. Also wear hats!

3. Quench dry skin– Drink lots of water to make sure you are hydrated. Water does improve the quality of your hair, skin, and nails

4. Moisturize your skin– avoid using soaps and body washes with drying elements like alcohol. Once you are out of the shower don’t dry off fully, apply a creamy lotion or oil- to lock in the moisture.When it comes to your face, use a slightly heavier moisturizer in the morning before you leave for work or school.

5. Moisturize your hands, feet, and lips- There is nothing worse than cracked hands, lips, and feet. At night, after your shower apply a creamy moisturizing lotion to your hands and feet and put on cotton gloves and socks, respectively, for a few hours to lock in the moisture. Also always carry some sort of moisturizing lip balm. Not the M.A.C. or YSL. Something with moisturizing elements like Nivea or my personal favorite, C.O. Bigelow My Favorite Lip Balm No. 303 with 100% natural shea butter. Your hands, feet, and lips will thank you.


Here are some products that you should try

What are some of your skin care/beauty tips for the cold weather?