This week Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year, Black Friday, and I for one am not stepping out of my house to enter not one crazy store (Maybe BJs) my fingers will do the walking online. This is the beginning of the holiday shopping season so get to those deals while they last and while supplies are available. While some people shop all year round for the holidays, majority of the people, including myself, like to procrastinate. So for your viewing pleasure gentlemen , and ladies for your gentleman, I have procured some fashion black friday deals that can keep your style hot and your savings ice cold.

Crooks & Castles

If you can take anything away from my posts is that this has to be the hottest underground line pushing out some of the freshest tees and quality jackets. So as my gift enjoy major savings on some of thier pieces from this years line. Visit the site at the mentioned times for the savings.

Rugby (Ralph Lauren)

As my friends know Im a closet preppy. One of my favorite designers Ralph Lauren, will be turning off the lights on this line so for now enjoy these savings but more than likely more deals will be to come as this groundbreaking endeavor breathes its last.


Obviously we all know Macy’s be killing the sales all year long so not much to say here so enjoy… Shirts, shoes, sweaters, jeans, suits go to

10 Deep

The other of my street faves. Make sure you check out the new holiday line that just dropped as well.


Wouldn’t be me if I didn’t set you up with some heat for your feet. Dunks at $59! Major percentage off if you spend $120! I don’t think I own a shoe that retails less than that. Make sure you support my peoples at Premier.


Fall is in full swing and the air is getting so much more chilly. It’s not only about keeping warm up top, let’s not forget about the base. Many different styles, materials, and options for your choosing. Whether its boots, kicks or shoes make sure your colors and materials embrace the autumn flavor and not stay stuck in another season.


Obviously I’m more inclined to choose this option. Luckily for me companies like the Jordan Brand, Clae Footwear & Converse not only have the heat for Autumns cooler temps but they fully embrace fall materials and colors. Sneaks like the AJIX Olive and Converse Chuck Taylor Hi Wool definitely add some dimension to your wardrobe.



Obviously we’re familiar with Timberland but there are so many other options for boots. Don’t toss the 6 inch’s away but open horizons and take a look at a oxford boot or a full patent leather boot (actually in my repertoire).


A good shoe is always a must for any gentleman. Obviously they’re not just for work but also for those casual times with the ones closest to you. Cole Haan always has a nice selection and the use of the technology from parent company Nike keeps these shoes comfortable as well as stylish. Don’t forget the loafers, always stylish for the fall.

As summer winds down the inevitable happens… School returns to session. If you were smart enough to avoid summer session and enjoy your break setting your alarm clock is going to be a drag.  Ahh oh well man up and get those textbooks cracking with these Fall looks that will have your style GPA in the top percentile.


As a man ages so should his wardrobe. Classic styling like plaid and loafers go a long way. Grab your favorite fitted jean and complete the look. Its also perfect when your done with class and need to unwind at the local hangout. Not much to say here just move along and add these stand



When those temps change in your closet should be many types of sweaters. A shawl neck cardigan can be a life saver when those winds change and the degrees drop. Versatile enough to be worn open or closed as well as buttoned up or casual with 2 left open. Classic wool cap closes off this style with non athletic sneakers. This chukka style shows your more than just a hypebeast. I love solid full rinsed jeans with almost any look.


Obviously when school opens up your looking to impress. Gotta have the heat on the feet. One of the hottest Jordans to come out during the summer will accomplish this for you. But is that it? Nope you gotta turn it up a notch and keep the theme going with Olympic inspired gear such as this hoodie from Polo. Next step ditch the sneaker / jean combo. I love to grab a straight chino to pull this outfit together. Shows your about business even when your keeping it funky.


If you know me this look is a standard for me. So why change what isnt broke. Button down with a elegant cardigan added to your freshest kicks keeps things moving along quite nicely. Obviously your favorite jean is a must but do stay away from the oversize, meaning length and waist. Elbow patches and this seasons hot patterned fabric in Gingham might keep the eyes off the blackboard and solely on you.

This very well might be the most important item in your closet. If you don’t already own a well-fitting sports jacket, you might want to schedule it as the first thing you buy this spring. Play it right and you’ll look as sharp as well as dapper. It can be the key to a more stylish spring.

You can wear it every day, no kidding.  You can dress it up, but it’s meant to be played in. It doesn’t need an occasion, and it doesn’t need to match anything. It just needs to be worn..

There’s obviously a difference between a blazer and a sports jacket. Blazers are more prep. Why? The fact that there were mostly for school uniforms. Sport jackets obviously for sport: hunting & fishing. Recommended is one sports jacket, whether it’s cotton, tweed, wool, or linen; lined or unlined; brown, black, khaki, or plaid. Oh yes plaid, so venture through your pop’s pops closet then update the fit with tapered sides and a shorter length, preferably just below your pants pockets.

The sport jacket is versatile. Jeans, khaki, chino doesn’t matter. A plaid shirt, purple sweater, anything from khakis to jeans, it all works. Not sure, do what I do – lay the outfit on your bed from shoulder to feet take a step back and take a few glances. Keep it prep with v-neck, loafers & plaid or modern with slacks and oxfords.

Oh and accessories are a must so match up a pocket square & brass or mirrored buttons. Hopefully this enlightened you a little and below I have a few options. Pick up at least one (but more is ok as well) and step from the business meeting straight to after hours!


Don’t let the cold winds fool you, Spring is actually on its way (officially in 15 days). What comes with Spring: warmer climate, NCAA tournament and spring cleaning. Whats a better place to start but your wardrobe? Allow me to suggest a few essentials to keep your eye on.


Come on we all know wind isn’t a concern like rain but they style doesn’t waiver.  They’ve even popped up on the runways as statement pieces. Have a couple of these on hand, they can even be layered under a varsity jacket.  My fave comes from Nike. Classic, clean, fresh.


I know me personally it’s hard to not dress like the weather. So brighter days equal brighter colors. Fluorescent colors have been the standout trend that came to the runway and had everyone’s attention. Designers paid special attention to brighter colors and perspectives to create looks that were retro and youthful. But don’t go overboard leave it to one piece. Also don’t shy from the blues. Obviously found as the choice of color for most jeans but move your style along by showcasing this classic color in accessories and shoes.


Stripes are coming back strong after being taken over by plaids the last 2 years. Stripes appeared in a lot of collections. The brighter the better. This season is great for experimenting  and what better way to do so than with stripes? Also a great tool to keep a slim look!


This jacket is such a staple, if you don’t own at least one theres an issue and you shouuld re-evaluate. From belted to belt less to single and double breast it remains easily a great piece casual or business. Trench coats have remained fashionable in the decades following World War II. Their original role as part of an army officer’s uniform lent the trench coat a businesslike respectability. Now it just lends you an option to take your style up a notch.


Throw aside those hideous ACG boots and double soled dress shoes, Spring screams casual. From perforated leather to subtle suede the options are abound. Business wise the oxford is always a must as well as humble canvas gets haute polish in spring’s suit-friendly loafers and lace-ups. Just take a look this previous post.

Spring is the time to start off fresh. Put away those wool coats and waterproof leathers, take my suggestions because the season of fun is upon us.