Most of the time I try to prepare my outfits for work on Sunday. Every Sunday after church I stand in front of my closet thinking…hmmm what am I going to wear this week? Well I manage to put together 4 looks for Monday-Thursday. Since Fridays are casual I throw on a pair of jeans and top and call it a day. So I usually start with the outfit basics like a dress, pants, top or whatever. I never think about my accessories.

Well fashion guru Lloyd Boston says it’s easier to “dress from small to big.” Meaning start with your accessories and build from their. He says “Start with the littlest detail that you’ll wear and build up to the big pieces for a totally unexpected look. An earring can inspire a total ensemble. Select a  small iece that has a story, some character, a history, and unique details to pull from. “

I never thought about UBD (understanding by design-backwards design) for clothing. If anything I would start with the shoes that I would want to wear, but never the accessories. So ladies (and gents) for that unexpected look start styling from the littlest detail.

Here is an ensemble that I built using this tip. I started with the layered necklace and went from there.

From Lloyd Boston:

“Claim this year as your most stylish ever. Make a pact with yourself to explore new ideas, break bad habits, and be open to change. To have style is to give shape to the way you carry yourself. Set a tone for the new year. Think of adding or practicing good habits, as opposed to denying yourself. If you’re in the habit of wearing black, commit to adding some color. If you’re accustomed to loose garments, try more tailored or form-fitting ones. Start one item at a time.”

“Don’t claim New Year’s resolutions, embrace a positive evolution.”

Affirmation: Before I put anything on, I will take two minutes each day to focus on ways to be a more stylish me.”


I know we are expecting more snow in NYC this coming Tuesday and Wednesday, but in the fashion world, Spring is right around the corner. Many of our favorite stores are trying to move their Fall/Winter merchandise to make room for the beautiful pastels and florals that represent spring. So before we rush out to our favorite stores, we need to take inventory too see what we should keep and what we should throw away, before we run out and buy what we already have (I’m so guilty of this).

Style expert, Lloyd Boston, says “Do a shoe-heel inventory. Make sure what you own meets the standard: fit, flattery, and timelessness. The right shoes can not only complete your  look, they can increase your confidence and add polish to your posture as well.”

Here’s the checklist:

  • Nude-colored high heels
  • Black closed-toe work pumps
  • Work sling back
  • Black evening pumps in satin, emebellished leather, patent leather, or a fun skin
  • 1-1 1/2 inc kitten heel wiht a slightly pointed toe
  • Hihg-heeled sandal
  • Real or faux skin heels (whatever you can afford)
  • Barely there strappy heel (for those cocktail parties)
  • Metallic high heel
  • Ankle strap pumps
  • Peep toe pumps

I am not a fan of kitten heels, but I almost purchased a leopard pair from Target last year. They are perfect for work, depending on your profession, but I am short and I need 3-inches or higher lol. Make sure you purchase heels according to your lifestyle also. If you NEVER go out to black tie affairs or cocktail parties, then the barely there strappy heel is not a major necessity at the moment. If you are against the killing of animals and reptiles, then snakeskin, leopard, and croc prints are not for you so go for something faux.

What is your best-kept personal beauty secret?

I keep my eyebrows groomed and shaped. It gives me a monthly eye lift.

What are the three beauty essentials every well-dressed woman should own? Why?

  1. A proper-fitting bra in three basic colors 9black, white, and nude) and they should be convertible with a choice of clear straps, low back, or halter.
  2. Classic accessories (diamond studs, diamond pendant, pearls, etc.)
  3. A basic black suit and a little black dress

What are the biggest mistakes women make when applying makeup?

  1. Not using enough concealer
  2. Using a foundation in the wrong formula
  3. Not shaping their eyebrows
  4. Wearing a lip liner that’s too dark
  5. Not having the proper tools (brushes, sponges, q-tips, powder puff)
  6. Trying to look exactly like a celebrity or a picture they see in a magazine

If you could whisper a fail-safe beauty tip into the ears of women everywhere, without them feeling bad by hearing it, what would it be?



In an exclusive interview with Lloyd Boston, Anna Sui reveals the essentials for all women and her best-kept style secret.

What is your best-kept personal style secret?

When you find what works for you, stick with it (bangs, red lipstick, etc.)

What are the three fashion essentials every well-dressed woman should own?

  1. A great coat. During the winter, you don’t remove your coat at a lot of places that you go. So the only thing people see is your coat.
  2. Great boots. They always make the outfit cooler.
  3. A great handbag. It tells so much abouto you

Who is the most stylis woman in existence, in your opinion? And what do you appreciate about her look?

Diana Vreeland and Marilyn Monroe. They both had their looks down.