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There is a new trend the world of nails and it is not crackle. I am personally over the crackle trend, especially since the nail salons try to charge you between $5-$7 for the application.

 “The UK nail brand Nails Inc. is releasing a polish called Magnetic Attraction. The three metallic shades–gold, gray, and purple–contain iron powder and come with a magnet embedded in the cap. You apply a coat of the polish to each individual nail, then hold the magnet over your nail to get a rippled effect. These polishes will be available in October. Nails Inc. has been expanding its market in the US, so hopefully we’ll see it stateside.”Allure is having a giveaway and you have a chance to win the polish by clicking here.

According to a professional brand of nail lacquer LCN, has magnetic polishes available now. They retail for $9.90 and come in eight shades. The magnets however are sold separately and cost about $20. Unlike Nails Inc. these magnets allow you to make shapes on the nail like stars and diagonals. Click here to purchase

I like the magnetic polish. It is more subtle than the crackle, but just as edgy.

Will you be trying this trend?

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