It is officially spring, but like always, winter wants to hang around a tad bit longer. Don’t fret my friends, winter cannot stay forever, so we better start getting ready for her farewell for good.

One item that is on the top of my must have list for spring would be a dress in a fabulous print. There is nothing like a dress in a great print! I love the versatility of prints. You can find one that is bold, feminine, mod, sexy, you name it, there is a print for it. Check out these dresses in a variety of prints that will get you ready for spring.

Gap Impressionist Print Draped Dress $60

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Lala Vazquez was spotted at the Hollywood Style Awards in this gorgeous leopard print dress. This dress is sophisticated, yet sexy and Lala is definitely working it. The dress makes a statement and so all of her accessories and makeup are kept simple. I think this look was styled perfectl. *kudos to the stylist*

Here are a few leopard print dresses that are under $100

  1. Top Shop Leopard Asymmetirc Dress by Rare $66
  2. Forever 21 Tiered Leopard Print Dress $22.80
  3. House of Fraser Alice Leopard Print Dress $36
  4. Republic Crafted Leopard Print Dress $37
  5. Desire Leopard Print Dress $47
  6. Dorothy Perkins Lila 2-in-1 Animal Print dress $44
  7. TopShop Animal Dalphine Dress by Motel $78
  8. 90s Diane von Furstenberg Leopard Print Wrap Dress $96
  9. Jane Norman Animal Flock Mesh Bandeau Dress $52

So its one of my favorite times of the year again: THANKSGIVING! I love the meaning of the holiday because it is all about giving. The spirit of generosity should not be confined to one day, it should be year round, but for some it is so lets just make the best of it.

Besides this time being about the spirit of giving, it is also about spending time with family, friends, and eating great food! I told my cousin who is the family chef that I’m looking forward to some fried turkey, mac and cheese, potato salad, collard greens, sweet potato pie…I’ll stop there lol. So here are my suggestions for looking stylish, feeling comfortable, and camoflaging the thanksgiving food belly

1. Comfort is key! Wear things that stretch

  • Leggings
  • Tights

Choose a funky design or pattern or stick with the basic colors

Republic $27

Mod Cloth Stripe for Success Tights $35

2. So now that we are in our comfort zone with leggings/tights we need to pair them with something that is roomy to hide the bulge

  • Oversized or belted cardigans and sweaters
  • Ruffled Tunics

Anything large that gives your midsection enough room for expansion is key

Yes Style $42

Old Navy Jet Sweater Cardigan $45

Dorothy Perkins Animal Print Ruffled Tunic $50

This thanksgiving I’ll probably wear one of my many sweater dresses (I have more than enough to choose from) So here are some options for the all-in-one look

Alloy Megan Dolman Sweater Dress $42

Yes Style Knit Sweater Dress $44

Jane Norman Sweater Dress $42

As for the footwear, take it simple 5-inch pumps is a bit much for grandma’s kitchen. Try a cute pair of embellished ballet flats, riding boots, flat over the knee boots, or a cute lace up or wedge bootie. Anything over 3 inches may cause a serious side-eye.

Happy Eating!

This workout came right on time for the summer season. We can still get our hips, buns, and thighs bikini ready and this workout will definitely help. With the help of Shaun Dreisbach for Glamour Magazine we will be ready in no time!

1. Kick/Reverse Lunge

Works thighs and the area just above knees

Standing upright, kick up left leg as high as you can. Then bring left leg back to standing, and step right leg straight behind you in a lunge, bending left knee 90 degrees and reaching fingers to the floor, as shown. Push off left foot and quickly return to standing, placing right foot next to left. Do 15 times, switch sides and repeat.

2. Bridge with Leg Lift

Works butt and fronts and backs of thighs

Lie on back, knees bent and feet flat on ground hip-width apart, close to your butt; rest hands on floor by sides. Press hips up, hold, and extend left leg up about 45 degrees so thighs are parallel, as shown; bend left knee and lower foot to floor, without lowering hips, then straighten leg again. Do 15 reps slowly, switch legs and repeat.

3. Squat With Calf Raise

Works (and lifts) your butt; sculpts calves

Stand with feet hip-width apart and hands clasped behind head. Lower into a squat as if you were going to sit back in a chair, keeping your chest up and not letting knees go past toes, as shown. Stand back up, and then rise up onto your toes. Lower heels and return to start. Do 15 reps.

4. Lateral Lunge With Knee

Works hard-to-target outer thighs—no more saddlebaggage!

Standing with feet hip-width apart, knees soft and hands on hips, lift right knee to chest, then take a big step out to the right side, lowering into a lunge, as shown. Quickly push off right foot and return to standing position with knee up. Do 15 times, then switch legs and repeat.

5. Single Leg Squat

Works it all: your butt, thighs and calves

Stand with feet hip-width apart, arms by sides; lift left knee toward chest. Lean forward, then bend right knee to slowly lower into a squat while keeping your balance (left foot stays hovering off floor). Pause and reach hands toward ground, as shown. Return to standing without dropping left foot; do 15 times. Switch legs and repeat.

Here are a few miniskirts that should be your motivation for this workout 🙂

  1. Oli Leopard Print Mini $22
  2. Top Shop Plait Bodycon $50
  3. Miso Mini Pastel Floral Skirt $20
  4. Arden B. Ombre Bandage Mini Skirt $44
  5. Debenhams Blue Mini Denim Skirt $15
  6. Miss Selfridge Heart Printed Mini Skirt $10
  7. Forever 21 Short Striped Skirt $12.80 (Faith 21)
  8. Jane Norman Wrap Mesh Belted Skirt $20

Illustrations by Kerrie Hess