In January I had the opportunity to take part in an amazing panel discussion with some awesome people (click here for the recap). U by Kotex sponsored the event, and they wanted to break the silence about the misleading information when it comes to a woman’s body. We broke myths, exposed the truth, and vowed to empower others, especially young girls when it comes to learning and discussing about a woman’s body.

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Many girls today get their information from their friends, television, the internet or social media. So you can imagine how much information is out there that can confuse a person. I remember growing up watching “The Cosby Show” and the episode that stayed with me was when Rudy got her period. A few of her friends came over and they shared with her every horror story you could think of. One myth that I still remember to this day is “You can’t go to the beach when you’re on your period or you’ll get attacked by sharks.” Let’s just say I didn’t want to go to the beach because I thought I was going to die. I knew that it was just a television show, and I should have gone to my mom or someone else that I trust to ask questions to make sure I wasn’t crazy, but I didn’t. I was too embarrassed and I know that’s how many girls feel now.

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I now have a platform where I can help educate many people who are misinformed. Too often we pass up opportunities to help people, even when it is done indirectly. Small change is better than no change and if only one person receives the correct information from me then I believe I did my part.

Recently I was riding in the car and someone was using FaceTime and mentioned they needed panty liners. Instinctively I said “Keep that to yourself,” and they replied “Didn’t you do that Kotex forum? Remember we shouldn’t be embarrassed to share that information.” She was right and a wave of guilt hit me. It was like second nature for me to say keep that to yourself. We have to remove the stigma about getting our period. No one should feel embarrassed about that when it is a part of our nature. It shows that we are healthy women (young and old) with our bodies working properly. We should embrace it, even though PMS and cramps can get the best of us.

Take a look at how we plan to empower others

We have to Bust Myths, Speak the Truth, and Empower others to embrace their bodies and the many changes they will go through.

Brand Statement
U by Kotex Brand is committed to empowering girls to change the way the world thinks about periods and vaginas through Generation Know, the first generation of girls comfortable asking questions, gaining real knowledge and spreading information about their health and bodies to others. To get the facts, learn how to make a difference and get a free Generation Know bracelet to symbolize your commitment, visit For every girl that joins, U by Kotex brand will donate to Girls For A Change to continue to create change.


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