Happy first day of May everyone! Although we are still struggling for that consistent spring weather, we have something brighter and warmer on our minds and that is the summer time.

With summer on it’s way that means it is time to show some skin, and with that being said we can’t look like we’ve been hibernating like bears. It is time for the tank tops, swimsuits, cut off shorts and also smooth skin and you can get that with Nair products. Nair products provide professional hair removal results at home for staying smooth all summer long – at a fraction of what you’d pay at a salon.

I was sent the new Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Total Care Body Trio and Face Trio and here are a few details about the new products

Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Total Care Body Trio and Face Trio are the new depilatories to join the popular Brazilian Spa Clay Line inspired by the beauty secrets and hair removal expertise of Brazil. Each product is infused with mango butter and açai berry known to moisturize the skin, and mineral-rich clay known to purify the skin.

The Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Total Care™ Face Trio is the first 3-step depilatory for the face with a suggested retail price of $13.99.
Step 1: The first step is the pre-balm, which coats the skin to help minimize irritation and redness
Step 2: The second step is the depilatory. There’s no drying time so you can apply the depilatory immediately after using the pre-balm.
Step 3: After removing the depilatory product, apply the moisturizer, which is similar to a typical facial moisturizer. This will help neutralize the pH of the skin, bringing it back to the normal level.

Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Shower Total Care™ Body Trio is the only 3-step in-shower depilatory system, including the convenient Nair Shower Power® technology that works while you shower. The suggested retail price is $13.99.

Step 1: The pre-wipe contains mineral oil and chamomile to prepare your skin before removing hair.
Step 2: Apply the depilatory, which is resistant to water through emollients similar to those found in waterproof sunscreens so it will resist runoff while you shower. Keep the area out of the direct stream of water.
Step 3: After the hair is removed, apply soothing post-use gel with Aloe Vera for a perfect finish.

My Thoughts

It was a little weird going through a three-step process to use these products. I’m accustomed to just using only the depilatory cream and keeping it moving, so the process did seem a little time consuming. For the Total Care Body Trio, the pre-wipes did make my skin tingle on my legs only and not under my arms. I followed the directions and applied the cream, but instead of entering the shower after 1-minute I entered after 5-minutes to remove the cream. The box said do not exceed 10-minutes so I waited about 6, which is what I normally do in these situations. The instructions also said to use warm water and a cloth to remove the cream. I thought my water was warm but apparently not because there was a stinging/burning feeling as a removed the cream from my legs. Maybe my legs are sensitive because I didn’t have that issue under my arms. The instructions also said to pat dry instead of rub dry. I applied the moisturizing gel, which did provide some relief to my legs and my underarms felt normal.

Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Body Trio-1

Overall my results were very smooth as promised. What I like most was the little sponge and spatula it came with to apply. It made the process a lot neater and my hands didn’t have that weird smell from the cream. The smell of most depilatory creams is unbearable but for the Brazilian Spa Clay it wasn’t as strong as others.

For the Face Trio, I didn’t have any issues with any of the steps and my results for my “stache” were pretty good. Once the hair was removed I rinsed my skin thoroughly and applied the moisturizer and went about my business.

Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Face Trio

I would definitely recommend this product if you don’t mind taking a few extra steps to ensure that your skin is smooth and to restore the moisture. If you do purchase these products, be sure to follow the directions carefully to avoid any complications.

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Disclosure: I was sent the Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Total Care Body Trio and Face Trio for review and was compensated by Single Edition Media. The opinions in this review are my own.