Next month I will be on a plane headed to Abu Dhabi and Dubai.  I must say I’m super excited. I haven’t really traveled and forever, so I am definitely looking forward to this trip. Our hotels are booked and the itinerary is almost finalized.

Abu Dhabi and Dubai are known for their richness in Arabic and Islamic culture, so there are customs that they follow and as a sign of respect, visitors should follow as well.


Knowing a little something about culture it is important to dress and act accordingly. I’m sorry, but I’m not about that jail life and if you do not research and understand where you are going, you are risking your freedom in a foreign place. Yes it can be that serious. With that being said, I’ve come up with a list of things you should pack when visiting places in the UAE.

The key here is modesty, so leave the booty shorts home. Most places that you may visit require your legs and shoulders to be covered up. If you visit the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, men must wear long pants and women must have their head, legs, and shoulders covered. This is a non-negotiable.


I know some may ask, “How do you dress modestly when it is extremely hot?!?” Although this place requires women to be modest in public places that represent the culture, you don’t have to forsake your style in the heat.

Here are some key items to pack if you are traveling to these places to show your style and remain cool

What to Wear in Abu Dhabi and Dubai


Now the nightlife in Abu Dhabi and Dubai will give way to more leniency when it comes to clothing. Most of the places have been “westernized,” so finding a cute party dress shouldn’t be that difficult.

I plan on packing all of the above. We plan on doing a lot of sight seeing, eating (yummm), and safaris, so I need to be comfortable. I will probably pack more printed pants than anything. I lived in light weight printed pants over the last few summers. They were low maintenance, but very stylish. So pack according to the activities you will be doing as well.

Special shoutout to my friend Kim. When I was in a blogging rut, she gave me an idea to do this post. That was back in December/January lol. Better late than never.

Have any of you traveled to a place with specific cultural norms when it came to clothing? What did you wear?

So my best friend, Erica, is in town this week. She came up from Philly to visit and I havn’t seen her since my graduation in May so we had our usual BFF (with her younger siblings outing). I found out about the Mr. Brainwash “ICONS” Remix exhibit via twitter and it is amazing. What you are about to see is only a small snap shot of what the exhibit entails.

Erica, Julianne, Samuel, and Me…I remember when I was taller than him…that was a long time ago lol.


“We have 3 lives: one that we live, one that we dream and one that we remember.” MBW

These portraits are amazing!

Images made out of vinyl

This is so powerful!

The horse is actually made out of tires and Martin Luther King Jr. with the coolest hat and shades.

Mr. Brainwash also paid tribute to some of the greats in the world of art: Keith Herring, Picasso, Banksy, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol, Frida Kahlo, and others. He also paid tribute to the greats in music, politics, civil rights, science, and sports: Martin Luther King Jr., Michale Jackson, Muhammad Ali,  Albert Einstein, The Beatles, Kiss, Ray Charles…and more.

The color motif was pink and here is the story behind it:

Mr. Brainwash had a can of pink paint in his trunk. It spilled out in his trunk and was dripping everywhere. He was inspired then to create the remix to his “ICONS” exhibit

If you are in the NYC area, check out the exhibit in the Meat Packing District.


415 W. 13th St. and 9th ave.

If you are in the New York area and have never been to Target 1st Saturdays, you are truly missing out on so much fun. The first Saturday of every month, Target sponsors various FREE activities and events at the Brooklyn Museum. They have various activities depending on the theme of the month. This month is dedicated to a legend, Andy Warhol. The Andy Warhol: The Last Decade exhibit goes until September 12, 2010, but this weekend we were able to view it for free. We also viewed other exhibits, watched an incredible art battle by four talented artist, watched some karaoke, and met up with a few friends. Here are some photos from the festivities.

This is for the painting above. It pretty much states that Andy Warhol urinated all over a bunch of canvases, mixed  his urine with metallic paint to create these master pieces.


The Last Supper Series

Here are photos of the artist from the art battle. They artist had 15 minutes to complete a painting…it was definitely a joy to watch.

Concep– Watching him work was truly amazing. There was an element of surprise to his work. The image was unexpected, but the end product was extremely powerful. It also helped that he was a cutie lol. I do not know much about painting and I do admire artist for this, but this man can blend his colors lol. I know that is something strange to notice, but you had to see him in action to truly understand what I mean.

There is more! Click to see more photos.

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This past weekend was the 39th International African Arts Festival. This festival is held every year in the best borough, Brooklyn of course. It used to be held at Boys and Girls High School, but now it is held at the Commodore Barry Park near the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

The purpose of this festival is to celebrate the rich culture of Africa showcasing various African designers, artists, musicians, etc. There are tons of vendors selling everything from shea butter to socks and t-shirts. It is a great family event. You can enjoy great food, great music, and great people. Here are a few photos from vendors at the festival.

Printed and Tie-dye wrap dresses and rompers. My favorite is the pink and green ensemble in the bottom right corner.

Gorgeous earrings from various vendors. I love huge earrings and so my eyes automatically went to the orange pair.

There’s more, click to continue

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