drake&jayzOver the weekend, Jay-Z’s track “Off That” featuring Drake on BP3 was leaked and the blogs and social networking sites went crazy. There were many mixed reviews about the track. Some people love it, others hate it, and you have those in between.  Click the link to listen 

Jay-Z ft. Drake Off That

I like the song and the message that Jay-Z is sending. He is HipHops #1 trendsetter. “I might wear black for a year straight” everybody is wearing black. “I don’t wear Jersey’s I’m 30+” #deathtothrowbacks. Jay-Z has a very prominent voice in pop culture and so when he says something has got to go…chances are people will be on a new trend before the song is over. This track reminds me of “30 Something” off of the “Kingdom Come” album. Its like his way of saying grow up. You are still doing things that people were doing 10yrs ago acting like its hot. Now think about it…are 26″ rims really necessary? I don’t think so. “We off that” So for Jay, when something becomes popular its like ok I need to find something better to set me apart. I think I would’ve have liked the song better if Drake actually had a verse, but he’s just on the hook, but he served his purpose.

What do you think about the track?

Jay-Z on MTV


I don’t know where to begin with this show this season. I am just disappointed because I had high hopes for this show. The past three seasons were PHENOMENAL and now it just seems like its all about gimmicks. Every group on the show is talented, but I don’t think the groups are being challenged enough. I honestly think the judges (not Shane, Lil Mama, or JC) who selected the groups to be on the show were either drunk or high during the audition process. I am all for creativity, diversity, and versatility, but I cannot accept gimmicks. Southern Movement and their hick hop, Afro-Borike and their reggaeton, Massive Monkey’s and their sub par tricks, We Are Heroes and their stiffness, Vogue Evolution and theri flamboyance, Beat Ya Feet Kings and their one trick….I can go on and on

abdc2 . Each group has talent and courage and I commend all of them, but compared to the last three seasons, these groups are sub par. Dynamic Edition (the cloggers) would destroy Southern Movement, Beat Freaks and Fly Khicks would murder We Are Heroes, Super Crew and Supreme Soul would demolish Massive Monkey’s. Fanny Pak would kick Vogue Evolution’s butt all around the stage. The only crew that I actually like is Rhythm City but please don’t bring Live In Color from Season One…smh. I want to be entertained and if you follow me on twitter for the past three weeks you would know that I am disappointed. I want to be inspired! I want these crews to make me want to dust off my jazz shoes and take another dance class again. I want tune in every Sunday anxious to see what they do, but I those feelings do not exist. I want more dancing and less gimmicks. This is the only week that the judges were right on with their feedback, with the exception of Lil Mama (smh) These crews need to step it up! More intricate choreography, cleaner transitions, less gimmicks and more dancing. So if anyone from ABDC reads this, please for the sake of your fans, next season GO HARD OR GO HOME!

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Ok now you guys now this is where you come to get the exclusives on what’s hot in fashion. Well we introduce to you,
Keep it trendy, keep it classic + keep them forever.

New York, NY— July 2009 — Amidst the economic chaos, in September of 2008 creator/entrepreneur Daniella Siri, 25, set out to establish a premium-quality denim brand that offered irresistibly trendy, yet classic denim without the premium price tag. Thus Recession Denim was born.
Recession Denim is made with the mindset, “we’re in a recession thus the only jeans we need are the ones that always look great and will last a lifetime,” says Daniella. Although the economic recession lingers, each pair of Recession Denim is made to outlast the hard times, so that you look good no matter what. Piece by piece, with quality, comfort + love, the Recession Brand team strives to help rebuild a strong + prosperous new world, one full of peace + tranquility.

In June 2009 Jaslene Gonzalez winner of America’s Next Model became the new spokes model for the Recession Denim 2009 campaign. Jaslene embodies all things that Recession Denim stands for.
You can currently find Recession Denim at the selected shops:
– Atrium- New York, NY.
– Big Drop- New York, NY
– Montmartre- New York, NY
– Mitzi Romano- Atlanta, GA
– National Jean Co- New York, NY
– Blush- New York, NY
– Lulu’s- Miami, Fl
– Yamak- New York, NY
– Lee’s Denim Bar- Clarks Summit, PA


Pic 1. Recession Denim MotorCycle Blue
Pic 2. Recession Denim MotorCycle Black
Pic 3. Recession Denim InkBlue
Pic 4. Recession Denim Dawn’
Pic 5. Recession Denim Blue Wash

I must say that it is always refreshing to see new clothing lines emerge. Now everyone that knows me, knows that I love SKINNY JEANS!! The Fall Collection of Recession Denim fits my style pefectly. Each pair represents a different personality. I can see myself rocking the Motorcycle Blue with a killer vest, simple tee and a fly pair of cut out booties. I would have to bring out the killer platforms for the InkBlues….I putting so many looks together in my head right now. So ladies, you can stick to the usual name brands, but this is your chance for the exclusives! I’ll be visiting Atrium very soon!


Not as in Bondage but with Bow Ties!!! These are the cutest little Brooches…for men or women…by Marc C. They are in expensive also ($40 each)

Very 101 Dalmations
I Love This One
And This One…lol

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