On Wednesday I attended the media party to kick off Spa Week. As you may no, or maybe you don’t, spa week happens only a few times a year and you are able to partake in all of the great services for only $50. So yes the hundred dollar facials, wraps, and massages will only cost you $50 at participating spas. Spa Week goes from April 16-22, 2012

One of the spas participating in spa week is Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa. At the event I was able to experience one of their fabulous treatments. When I say fabulous I mean it. They used new technology which increased blood circulation throughout the body. Once that was done I received one of the best hand massages ever by Syvia. She was truly amazing. I felt so refreshed after both treatments and it was only just a sample of what Red Door Spa has to offer.

Enjoying the Red Door Spa Services with Melissa from O So Chic

Spa Chicks on the Go and Christopher Drummond Beauty were also at the event providing services for all of the guests.

Also at the event was New York Times Best Selling Author Emily Giffin promoting her new book where we belong. I was familiar with her as an author I just had never read any of her books so it was great to actually meet her and get a signed copy of the book. Melissa of O So Chic has read all of her books and was excited to read this one. From our conversations, she has me starting my summer reading list a little bit early.

There were delicious desserts and food sponsored by i n c o g n i t o Continental Bistro here in New York City. Melissa told me I haven’t lived until I’ve had a rice crispy treat dipped in chocolate, and she was right!

Visit www.spaweek.com register and enter you zip code to find participating spas and a list of their $50 treatments. Book an appointment soon because the spots fill up quickly!

Take a look at the deals and specials offered by some of the NYC spas participating in spa week


Remember to book your appointments now! Spa Week goes from April 16-22, 2012


Not only do I dislike winter because I hate being cold, I also hate what it does to my hair, skin, and nails. So here are some tips to help make sure you survive the winter while maintaining our beauty. These tips are for everyone! Relaxed, natural, transitioning, etc.

1. Keep hair moisturized– wash your hair once a week and use and deep condition! Leave your conditioner in your hair an extra 10-15 minutes and also use a leave-in once you’ve finished your final rinse.Use water-based moisturizing creams and natural oils like coconut, olive, and jojoba to make sure your hair is hydrated and to also add the luxurious shine.

2. Try protective hair styles like wigs, braids, and weaves to prevent harsh elements from damaging your hair and low manipulation hairstyles like buns, twist-outs, and flexi-rods to minimize the amount of brushing and combing that causes shedding. Also wear hats!

3. Quench dry skin– Drink lots of water to make sure you are hydrated. Water does improve the quality of your hair, skin, and nails

4. Moisturize your skin– avoid using soaps and body washes with drying elements like alcohol. Once you are out of the shower don’t dry off fully, apply a creamy lotion or oil- to lock in the moisture.When it comes to your face, use a slightly heavier moisturizer in the morning before you leave for work or school.

5. Moisturize your hands, feet, and lips- There is nothing worse than cracked hands, lips, and feet. At night, after your shower apply a creamy moisturizing lotion to your hands and feet and put on cotton gloves and socks, respectively, for a few hours to lock in the moisture. Also always carry some sort of moisturizing lip balm. Not the M.A.C. or YSL. Something with moisturizing elements like Nivea or my personal favorite, C.O. Bigelow My Favorite Lip Balm No. 303 with 100% natural shea butter. Your hands, feet, and lips will thank you.


Here are some products that you should try

What are some of your skin care/beauty tips for the cold weather?

Anyone that knows me, or knows me well will tell you that I am addicted to Carmex. I have one in my purse, on my night stand, in my car, and also in my desk. Where ever I am, you will fine Carmy. Well lately, I’ve been having a love/hate relationship with Carmy. I found myself using my Carmex very frequently, like multiple times within one hour. I don’t think any chapstick should  be used that frequently, your lips should not use moisture that quickly. Well I received in my ‘goody bag’ from Shecky’s NIVEA’s new product “A Kiss of Milk & Honey.” I was hesitant to try it out, but I must say I was impressed.

A Kiss of Milk & Honey Soothing Lip Care that boost’s the lips natural defense

“Let y our lips look and feel soft and smooth to make every kiss memorable. NIVEA Lip Care gives you beautiful lips that are ready to kiss and be kissed. NIVEA Lip Care products are formulated to provide hours of moistruization, so you are always ready to let a great kiss happen. NIVEA A Kiss of Milk & Honey uses nature’s best remedies to pamper and boost the natural defenses of your lips”

  • Natural milk protein and rich golden honey formula helps strengthen lips’ resistance to stay well hydrated and healthy looking
  • Seals in moisture
  • Intensively moisturizes so lips can stay healthy and hydrated

Directions: Apply to lips as needed

My Thoughts

At first I was a little skeptical because I have tried NIVEA’s lip products before, but I was completely sold on Carmex. The Milk and Honey lip balm goes on very smoothly. It gives your lips a nice coating that lasts for a very long time. I found myself reapplying  the Milk and Honey once every few hours. Your lips are left feeling very soft which is always a plus. The smell is a little different being that I am used to the cherry flavored smell from Carmex, but it is not unbearable. My main dislike is the packaging. I like to make sure my caps and tops are secure and I find the Milk and Honey’s cap is a little too loose. If you are looking for something to help soften your lips, this would be a great product, but if you are looking for something that helps repair extremely chapped lips, you may want something medicated.

On a scale of 1 to 5 I would rate this product a 3.5

This product retails for $2.99 at Walgreens