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yaya dacosta natural hair

I’m always looking for different hair styles, especially during the spring summer. I went back to sporting my asymmetrical cut which is now an asymmetrical bob because of the significant hair growth from my 3 ½ months of protective styling. Here are some hairstyles that I absolutely loved this week!

 Solange: I posted a photo of Solange a few weeks ago with this luxurious mane of curls. I love big hair. This just looks amazing.

Monica: I wasn’t a fan of the ombre effect on hair because most people that had this look just looked messy. Ciara, Lala and a host of others are rocking this look with blonde. I love this hair style on Monica because of the auburn color. It is rich and probably not too damaging since the hair is not bleached.

Angela Bassett: Her short cut is perfect for the spring and summer. Although I am not interested in cutting my hair again I think this look suits her well.

Yaya Dacosta: I told you all I love big hair. Yaya is such a natural beauty and so this look is perfect for her. As long as the temperatures do not rise so quickly you can sport this look for a month or two. When it gets to hot I wouldn’t suggest such volume.