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Valentine’s day outfit ideas

Michelle Epps and Mary J. Blig turned heads last week in these bold animal print dresses. With Valentine’s Day being 8 days away ladies this is a look that you can easily recreate. To give you a head start we found leopard print dresses for all sizes and prices below. Take a look!

On Monday we gave you the Sexy, Sophisticated, and Spicy Valentine’s Day outfit ideas, well today we give you the three Cs- Casual, Classy, and Cool outfit ideas.

Casual- maybe you and the boo are doing the fancy dinner thing, well here is a great outfit that is casual yet appropriate for the occasion

Casual Valentine's Day Look

Classy- I would call this look a mix between conservative and sexy. You still maintain a sophisticated look, but you also turned up the heat by showing a little leg.

Classy Valentine's Day Look

Cool-let’s Valentine’s Day is in February so most likely it will be pretty chilly-unless we have another 60 degree day. So here is a look that will keep you warm but looking fly.

Cool Weather Valentine's Day Look

Stay tuned for Part 3!

With Valentine’s Day being two weeks away we thought we’d get a jump start on giving you some ideas for the special occasion. If you are in need of special assistance for this day, we also offer personal styling services. Send an email to Janique@hergoodybag.com or click the Betterfly link in the right side bar. Ok now with all of that said, here are some outfit ideas for Valentine’s Day.

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The first look consists of a cocktail dress, pumps, and bold jewelry. You can never go wrong wearing a cocktail dress. Most likely you have one in your house that you have never worn or you haven’t worn in years (or maybe I’m just the guilty one). Cocktail dresses are simple and easy to accessorize. You do not have to choose red, you can choose any color that you would like, as long as it compliments your skin tone.

Date Night Look

The second look is a little more sophisticated. Cocktail dresses are usually very sexy. So if you are more conservative, you can wear a pencil skirt and a nice blouse with a pair of  ankle boots. I like the raspberry and teal color combination so I decided to mix those colors.

Dinner and Dancing

The last look is a bit spicy. It features an intricately detailed black jumpsuit with spiked heels, rosette clutch and bold cocktail ring. The design of the jumpsuit is edgy yet sexy. The straight leg allows you to wear almost any type of shoe but I would go with a pump. Because the jumpsuit is all black, I decided to add blue spiked heels for some contrast.

Jumpsuits and Blue

This is just part 1. Stay tuned for part 2 coming later this week!

Here is a cute little cocktail for Valentine’s Day

Now of course you need a great look to go with a great drink and we’ve got you covered!

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