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Transitioning from Relaxed to Natural Hair

Hey my loves!

I’m here today with another hair chronicles post. I think these will be a little more frequent now that I am experimenting with different things regarding my hair. If you have been following this blog for a while or if you follow me on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter you know I rarely keep a hairstyle for more than two months, unless it is my signature doobie wrap. Well for the 1st part of 2013 (January-March) I wore my signature wrap. From March until May I had a weave. From May to the end of June I had a weave and cornrow combination going on. From June until August I had my poetic justice box braids. I took my braids out last week and now I’m at that stage where I have no idea what I want to do with my hair. I have only relaxed my hair twice this year, once in January and once in March. I am currently 5 months and 2 weeks post relaxer and this is the longest that I have been without a relaxer since my middle school days. I usually stretch my relaxer for about 3 months, but I’ve been doing a lot more protective styling than usual.

I say all of that to say I have no idea what to do with my hair now. I’m not sure if I want to long term transition natural, big chop, texlax/texturize my hair, protective style, or get another relaxer. Since I took out my braids I’ve worn a bun for a week and now I’m rocking a flexi rod set. Anyway so yesterday I co-washed my hair, but before that I did an avocado hair mask. My friend Melissa mentioned she used one and her hair came out great. So I decided to put my own little mask together.



  • 2 small avocados
  • 1/4 cup of olive oil
  • 2 Tbsp of natural honey
  • 1 egg

Rationale: The avocado hair mask is a great deep conditioner. It adds shine and moisture to dry and brittle hair. The egg is great for protein hair repair.  Honey is great for moisture and olive oil is great for making your hair more manageable, softer, and it adds shine, just like avocados.


I mixed all of the ingredients in my Ninja blender and let cool in the refrigerator for about 20 minutes. Make sure there are no lumps in the mix. It should be a smooth paste. Before I let it cool I was tempted to taste it because it smelled so good lol. While the mix was cooling I detangled my hair and separated it into four sections. I then applied the mixture to each section similar to how my relaxers are applied. I focused mainly on my new growth and the line of demarcation and then worked my way down to my ends. My hair is pretty long and VERY THICK. So I used a lot of the mix to make sure all of my hair was coated. I had less than 1/4 left after applying a generous amount to all four sections. I then covered my hair with  a plastic cap for about 45-minutes. I then rinsed my hair. Make sure you rinse your hair THOROUGHLY. You do not want to find little bits of avocado in your hair throughout the week lol.



My hair was much softer than my previous wash. It was also smoother and silkier. Then I co-washed my hair Pantene’s Truly Relaxed Moisturizing Conditioner (the only one in my house). My hair felt incredible once I was done with the wash process. My hair was not tangled and it was easy to comb through. I applied a leave-in conditioner, sealed my hair with a mix of oils and then blow dried my hair. I think I’m going to continue using the avocado mask each time I wash my hair because it made my hair easy to manage with the two different textures.

Have you ever used a DIY hair mask? What’s your go to recipe?

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the press introduction of a new haircare collection called “Beautiful Textures” presented by The Garner Circle at the Tribeca Grand Hotel

Beautiful Textures “Intense Moisture” is a new haircare collection designed for mixed textures- curly, wavy, kinky-coily, and frizzy. At the press introduction National Marketing Director for Strength of nature Global, LLC Charlene Bastien and Natural Hair Stylist, Tress Talk, and Beautiful Texture Ambassador Kimberly Walker were the presenters.

Charlene Bastien shared with us the history of the company and the goal Strength of Nature Global, LLC,  through Beautiful Textures which is to  provide innovative hair care solutions that specifically address the critical hair care needs, styling, and desires for consumers of color

Kimberly Walker of Tress Talk and BET.com gave great styling and haircare advice. One thing that she STRESSED was the importance of keeping your hair moisturized and hydrated. Most of the time our hair breaks and lacks shine because of the lack of moisture. The first step in having great hair is using a great shampoo. You can have one of the best conditioners, but if your shampoo is not a moisturizing one your hair will lack moisture.

She also showed us various styling techniques like elaborate pompadours and two-strand twists.

The collection is extremely affordable. Every product is under $7. Here is a list of what the product line consists of

  • Tangle Taming Shampoo $6.29
  • Tangle Taming Leave-In Conditioner $6.29
  • Rapid Repair Deep Conditioner $6.49
  • Curl Control Defining Pudding $6.49
  • Moisture Butter Whipped Curl Creme $6.49
  • Shine & Silken Growth Oil $6.49
  • Curlty to Straight Flat Iron Silkener $6.99

The products are enriched with Aloe Vera, Coconut, Olive, Soy, Argan Oil, Shea and Mango Butter. These are great products that will provide moisture and shine to your hair. These are some of the best ingredients. What I love most about these products are although they are designed specifically for natural hair wearers, the products also works well on relaxed and other chemically treated hair. Kim Walker also mentioned that the products are great for transitioners as well.

I attended the event with my friend Kim and we ran in to Danielle of The Style and Beauty Doctor  and Carmen of Lipstick Fashion Mascara (Love all of their blogs!)

They had three HUGE gift bags to giveaway and I was lucky to be one of the winners! I got the full product line! I started using the products this week. I will have a complete review in the near future, so look out for that.

Beautiful Textures Intense Moisture Collection will be available this winter. So be on the look out! In the meantime connect with them on Twitter @lovinmytextures and on Facebook