I was contacted a few weeks ago by Gayle Watson of Family Affair Hair Care about a product called The EdgeStick. Family Affair Hair Care is based out of Atlanta Georgia and is an authorized distributor of the Azure EdgeStick, which is a professional styling tool suitable for all hair types and textures.

 About The EdgeStick (source)

The EdgeStick is designed and manufactured by Suntek Global, which since 2001 has been a leading that include ceramic hair irons, hair dryers, hair straighteners, and trichology scopes.

The EdgeStick is designed and manufactured by Suntek Global, which since 2001, has been a leading manufacturer of innovative lifestyle and beauty products. Suntek Global offers customers a line of hair tools

Product Description (source)

The Azure EdgeStick™ is a professional styling tool that can help you manage your hair, and is suitable for all hair types and textures: coarse, curly, straight, thick and fine. And, it is safe to use on color-treated hair.

The standout feature is the double-comb design with ceramic-coated barrel. The comb separates the individual hair strands at the hairline and roots, allowing the hair to glide untangled across the heated ceramic-coated barrel to achieve an instantly smooth appearance. And unlike any other tool in the industry, the EdgeStick™ lets you get closest to the hair root – even touching the scalp – without the danger of burning your scalp, face, or ears.

 My Thoughts:

So, when I watched the video for The EdgeStick I was instantly impressed. I remember the days that my mom would press my hair in the kitchen with the hot comb on the stove. I used to cringe constantly because of the burning feeling from the heat and the grease. The EdgeStick has the look of the old school hot combs our mothers and grandmothers used to use, but it now uses modern ceramic technology. I used The EdgeStick like it was a regular comb and the results were wonderful. My edges were straighter and made my hair more manageable. I was able to prolong my next touch-up by a week. I only used it on my edges because the rest of my hair is already straight and I did not want to add too much heat.


  • It is very light weight. It is not bulky and does not weigh a ton so my arms were not tired when I used it.
  • It has a comfortable handle and long cord which gives a lot of room to get the hard to reach places like “the kitchen.”
  • The LCD digital heat indicator- the settings range from 200 degrees and up. They recommend that course hair use settings above 300. I used it on 400.
  • THERE IS NO BURNING! This should be #1 on the list! I was able to get very close to all of my edges to get them straight. There is no burning of the scalp or the hair.
  • It extends the time between relaxers


  • It is a product that does require heat, so use a heat protecting serum before use.

This product is great for:

  • Women who want to extend the time between relaxers
  • Women who want to transition for relaxed to natural
  • Women who are natural and want to straighten their hair

Click Here to see demonstration on natural hair.

 So I highly recommend this product! It is very affordable also. The professional EdgeStick which goes up to 450 degrees is only $80 in Black and the EdgeStick that goes up to 400 degrees is $70 and comes in white and black.

Disclaimer: The product was sent to me for review by Family Affair Hair Care. I am not affiliated with this company and was not paid. This is my honest opinion and review of the product.