As the new year approaches the excitement of starting anew rises. What better way to ring in the new year than to be dressed your absolute best. There are many ways to make your style your own and with the abundance of party options these ideas will help you stand out.

Casual Chic

Fun times with friends partying at the house or local club/lounge allows you to showcase your style the best. Remain comfortable but look like you took hours to get ready. Shawl neck sweater paired with plaid shows sophisticated fun, pair with your favorite jean and fly kicks you’re good money. The bow-tie puts it together for the occasion.

Suits You

Upscale event demands decorum and good taste. Style is also quintessential. Take your regular 9-5 suit and add a little flair. Differentiate patterns in your tie and dress shirt, accessorize with tie clip & pocket square (cuff links if shirt is french cuff). Comfortable shoes are must to dance the night away. Colorful socks add flair. C’mon its NYE, leave seriousness at the door.

Once You Go Black (Tie)

Elegance usually means a bunch of penguins. Stand out from the crowd while maintaining the normal tux look. Plaid bow tie paired with contrasting jacket and tuxedo pants makes sure your style will never fall in line.

Always make sure your style shines and if I don’t see you when the ball drops Happy New Year!