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It’s no surprise that I am loving the black and white trend. I am looking for a good fitting black and white striped blouse now. I already own black leggings with white side panels. A black and white crop top may come in handy too.

With this trend you do not have to stick to stripes. You can rock polka dots, houndstooth, or just the mix and match with black and white pieces. Check out some more options under $50.

Fab Under $50 Black and White Trend

Twitter and Facebook were on fire all night during the 55th Annual Grammy Awards. The music industry’s most talented and celebrated artist joined together to recognize those who had an amazing year. Let’s get in to our favorite and least favorite looks of the night.

Kelly Rowland in Georges Chakra

Kelly Rowland in Georges Chakra

KELLY ROWLAND looked AMAZING! I don’t even have the words to describe how amazing she looks. I ordered a Jeanette Jenkins workout DVD because her body is on point. That dress was made for her. It is sexy! She looks hot!

Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Alicia Keys

Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Alicia Keys

Queen Bey went against the grain in this black and white pant suit. J. Lo took the memo and threw it out of the window.  Check out that leg! Alicia Keys also wore a black gown, nothing to exciting, but she looks good.

Solange and Katy Perry green with envy!

Solange and Katy Perry green with envy!

I don’t have to say much besides green has never looked so good! Solange looks regal in emerald and the mint green compliments Katy Perry’s skin tone perfectly.

Rihanna and Adele

Rihanna and Adele

I wasn’t wow’d by either of these two. I think Rihanna’s hair took away from the dress. I love that Adele wasn’t in black, but this print was not the most flattering. The shape is amazing on her though.

Taylor Swift and Rocsi

Taylor Swift and Rocsi

Taylor Swift wore a J. Mendel gown. She is always red carpet ready. Rocsi looked great in this white jumpsuit. it is simple but also the shape is very flattering.

Ashanti, Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose

Ashanti, Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose

Ashanti was all about the leg, but she stayed within the guidelines of the memo. Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa are just ready for their son to arrive. She is definitely glowing.

Nas, Ne-yo, Nelly

Nas, Ne-yo, Nelly

These guys went for metallic looks. Nas is sharp!

Miguel, Drake, Frank Ocean, Trey Songz

Miguel, Drake, Frank Ocean, Trey Songz

These guys didn’t disappoint either. Trey and Drake look so polished. Frank and Miguel are well, Frank and Miguel.

Who rocked the Grammy’s Red Carpet for you? My vote is with Ms. Kelly!

Can you believe that 2012 is quickly coming to an end? I feel like there is so much more in store for 2012! Well, while I deal with this realization, you can check out our list of the Best Dressed Fashionistas of 2012. These ladies have impeccable style and had an amazing 2012 either in film, TV, music, or other forms of entertainment. The only issue I had was ranking them in order, so this list will not be based on umber, just style in general. There is no “Number 1” each lady is ranked equally. So here goes our list of Best Dressed of 2012!

Rihanna should be no surprise when it comes to best dressed lists. She is the style chameleon. Whenever there is a new album or a new movie in the works we know because her hairstyle changes. She softened up her look this year with blonde luxurious locks and then the adorable pixie cut. Although her antics have gone to an all new high, her style continues to stay at the steady pace of amazing. She makes things like pajamas wearable in the street. I’m sure the shenanigans will continue in 2013 as long as her style continues to evolve. Pictures2

Solange is the only repeat from the 2011 list. Although she released new music late in the year, she had an amazing year. She had great campaigns with Carol’s Daughter, Madewell, and she was also spotted out and about  DJing at various events. We expect nothing but the best from Solange in 2013


Brandy has come a long way from being Moesha. This year with the release of Two Eleven (her birthday) and she made a huge comeback. Brandy embodied the entire package from great hair, to great makeup, and even better outfits. She has evolved from the girl with the braids to the sophisticated woman with some edge. She knows when to keep it classy and when to spice it up a bit.


Ciara is getting ready to release her upcoming album “One Woman Army” and this year she was in full promo mode. No longer labeled as Kim Kardashian’s friend, Ciara brought it back to the music this year and she did it with style. Her killer legs had many women going to the gym! Her style continues to evolve. She follows her own rules and looks great doing it.

Who made your best dressed list?


This season’s hair is all about embellished up-do’s, sophisticated braids, sleek and messy ponytails, pixie cuts and big blowouts.


Up-Do’s Spring 2012


Braided Hair 2012 Spring


Ponytail Hairstyles Spring 2012

Pixie Cuts:

Pixie Cuts Spring 2012

 Big Blowouts:

Big Blowouts for Spring 2012

I don’t know about you guys but I am loving this season’s hair for a few reasons…

  • I hate to wear my hair down in the Summer time; it’s just too hot for all  that! (I find it very gross to have hair sticking to my sweaty face and neck – don’t act like you don’t sweat!!!).
  • Convenience.  What’s quicker than throwing your hair in a ponytail or up-do and dashing out the door??!
  • When you hair is pulled back from your face it really allows your face to be on display – contoured cheek bones, cat eyes and bright lips for all to see!!

What’s great about these styles is that they aren’t your average slicked back ponytails or boring buns – they all have a new and modern twist that takes the style to a whole new level and add’s that “oomph” to your hair without very much effort or time from spent.

My personal favorite is the high bun – I can see myself wearing my hair like this EVERY DAY this Spring/Summer, especially on those humid days.

Check out this “How to” tutorial – very straight forward and easy (I plan on using it myself to achieve my high bun).


Also try adding a turban or head band to your hair to mix things up or save time when you just don’t feel like doing your hair. 🙂

ASOS Floral Print Turban – $21.81

Get it here:

Asos Aztec Knot Front Turban – $21.81

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ASOS Sunflower Headband – $14.51

Get it here

If you are loving these styles but need some tips on how to create them on your own hair check out YouTube for some great hair tutorials.  I also posted a few people I am subscribed to for some additional tips!

Are you feeling this season’s hair?  Which styles will be your go-to hair?








 Neon colors have been one of the major trends for spring 2012 and can be seen in many fashion collections this season (especially the resort collections).  When most people think of neon colors they think of the 80’s, legwarmers, acid wash denim and spandex or cheap clothes (eeek)!   With a modern and refreshing take, neon has made a huge comeback in the past 2 years and can virtually be worn by everyone no matter what their style is.

Some designers used neon colors to create bold garments and shoes and some used neon as more of a compliment to their main colors by using neon colored accessories and neon trims on their bags and shoes — this allows for everyone to incorporate the color into their existing wardrobe, whether it just be a statement necklace, blazer or the ever so popular choice for this season, neon colored skinnies!

I can’t say I’ve ever been a huge fan of neon colors (I own a lot of black) but this season I’ve really been embracing these bright colors!   My favorite neon color for the season is hands down the florescent yellow – it compliments so many others colors and patterns and looks good on everyone!  I realize there are many of us out there who are a tad bit more reserved with wearing all those bright colors however as I stated the neon trend is for EVERYONE and if you really are loving these colors but are feeling hesitant to take the leap, start off small (try an accessory or a neon trimmed shoe)!  If you love to overdose in color, GO BLOD — color block with the neon colors and grab everyone’s attention :).

 I’ve posted some photo inspiration (with some of my favorite celebs and designers)  for ALL my ladies — those who want a more refined and classic take on neon as well as those who want to step out in a bold and colorful way this summer.

Will you be partaking in the neon trend this season?  Are there any items you have your eyes set on??!

Neon outfit(s)  inspired post to come shortly!