So I don’t know if I’m really out of touch with reality, but when did grey hair become a trend? I do know that Ty from Gorgeous in Grey has a full head of beautiful grey curls, but it’s natural.

Image via Google Image

Image via Google Images

So since Rihanna, Kelly Osbourne, Lady GaGa and Nicole Richie have “gone grey” at different times now many women are running to their hair stylists wanting to take on this trend. Grey hair is a sign of wisdom and sometimes stress. Some women who have grey hair are doing everything they can to hide it and now we have women in their 20s doing everything they can to get it.



Kelly Osbourne

So do we love it or hate? Should we just wait to go grey or rush the process? 

I missed out on the initial release of RiRi Woo  Rihanna’s debut collection with MAC and I won’t let that happen again. Tomorrow June 18th at 12pm EST MAC will release the second phase of the Rihanna Hearts MAC Collection.


This go round you can expect the rerelease of RiRi Woo and two additional matte lipsticks RiRi Boy– a bold and vivid shade of lavender (that matte version of Up the Amp which is very popular amongst beauty lovers every where) and Heaux (ha!) which is described as a matte deep berry.

The collection also features lustre drops which is basically liquid bronzer appropriately named Barbados Girl. Bronzer is a must to get the island glow for the summer

Lastly you will also find Hibiscus Kiss which is a coral blush and bronzer duo


Matte Lipstick- RiRi Woo, RiRi Boy, Heaux ($15 each)

Blush/Bronzer Duo- Hibiscus Kiss ($26)

Lustre Drops- Barbados Girl ($20)

I will probably get the lipsticks only. I have tons of bronzers and coral blushes. I will not be a makeup hoarder lol.

The collection is available online only so get familiar with the MAC website now if you aren’t Click Here

Are you looking forward to picking up anything from this collection?


So it’s that time again! What time you ask? It’s time for me to switch up my “do.” I’ve been rocking a full head weave for the last seven weeks and I must quickly decide what I want to do next. I want something spicy and and fun, but also easy to manage and maintain. I’m thinking of a quick color change. I won’t dye my real hair, I can’t commit to something like that for a long period of time, but I do like the idea of going blonde (well partially) for the summer.


So what do you guys think, do blondes really have more fun?


It’s no surprise that I am loving the black and white trend. I am looking for a good fitting black and white striped blouse now. I already own black leggings with white side panels. A black and white crop top may come in handy too.

With this trend you do not have to stick to stripes. You can rock polka dots, houndstooth, or just the mix and match with black and white pieces. Check out some more options under $50.

Fab Under $50 Black and White Trend

We all know and love Rihanna for her style as well as her music. She is a modern day fashion icon who can probably make a garbage bag look like a million bucks. She is innovative and a trendsetter. She is not afraid of taking risks and going against the grain. So when she revealed she was doing a collaboration line River Island people thought that their fashion prayers have been answered. Rihanna will be one of the few entertainers, besides Jessica Simpson and Gwen Stefani, to get it right.

A few of our favorite looks from Rihanna

A few of our favorite looks from Rihanna

Her collection Rihanna for River Island had the social media world buzzing for days. Many critics slammed Rihanna’s collection. The title of the Daily Beasts post is “The Horror! The Horror! Rihanna’s Porny Debut at #LFW” Now I think the journalist Tom Sykes took his critique to the extreme, but it is his critique and he has a right to his opinion.

Here are the full images of the collection via River Island 

rihannaforriverisland rihannaforriverisland2

My Thoughts

I was pleasantly surprised at the simplicity of the line. It does consist of a lot of basics that I can get at Forever 21 or American Apparel. I was hoping her collection would be more fashion forward and trend setting. I think that for the target population and #RihannaNavy they will eat this up, but I wanted more. This collection is a reflection of Rihanna’s style, past and present, and when it comes to debuting collections it should not just be a replica of what you have worn or are currently wearing. It should showcase where you want to take your style.

Rihanna is known for her high splits, crop tops, and some what grungy style. She is also known for adding a feminine touch with lady like skirts and floral prints.   This is what was showcased in the collection. There wasn’t anything refreshing, but I would not go as far as the Daily Beast by calling it hideous, slutty, and porny. It does push the envelope when it comes to baring skin like mixing the bra and a pencil skirt, the net/mesh dress, and sheer material. I can say that her collection is actually a collection because it is cohesive, unlike Kanye West’s first collection, but the best way that I can describe it is Basic Rihanna.

A few of the pieces that I do love are the floral print bralet top with the floral print shorts, the floral print cropped pants, the skater skirt, the striped shorts and blaze, and also the hooded over-sized jumpsuit. I wouldn’t call the collection a total miss but if you want to look like Rihanna on March 5th your wishes will be granted. I just hope that for those who do purchase items from this collection are fit! I did not say skinny, I personally think the models here are a little too thin and the clothes would be more flattering if the models were a bit bigger, but you can be a size 14 and fit. I’m talking Ciara Abs, J. Lo thighs, Angela Bassett or Halle Berry arms, Beyonce legs or Kelly Rowland’s everything, you get my drift right lol.

I’m sure this won’t be Rihanna’s last collection so we will see what she brings to the table next season.


What are your thoughts on the collection?