I. HATE. PACKING. I really do. I can never decide what I want to bring and I always end up leaving something important or not bringing enough of something. The story of my traveling life. So in an effort to alleviate some of my stress I created “The HGB Packing List” to make sure I pack everything I need for any trip.


In addition to the packing list, I will also share some packing tips that will help prevent overpacking with all of these baggage fees.

1. Use travel size toiletries– I know when traveling you want to feel like you are at home, but full-size products are very bulky. Buy travel size items or the travel size bottles from places like the $.99. I pour my full size products into the smaller bottles when traveling. Use ziploc bags to keep all of your toiletries together.

2. Don’t pack what is already there. Make sure your hotel has the amenities to make packing easier. So things like a blowdryer and iron aren’t needed.

3. Be strategic of what goes in your carry-on. Do not put in your luggage that you check important things like medication and important documents (passport, credit cards, etc). That should be in your carry-on. In my carry-0n I always pack an extra outfit and my toiletries and other essentials like my contact lenses and solution, just incase the airline loses my luggage.

4. Pack things that are multipurpose. Before I would pack a different pair of shoes for each outfit. I don’t think that is necessary for me any more. Especially since I don’t want to lug around heavy bags.

5. Pack in layers. Roll your clothes and stack them in layers. This will save space as opposed to folding. If you are really trying to save space, do the bundle method. Check out this video here

What are some of your packing tips?