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Another year on the horizon and I don’t know about you but I’m excited for it and so thankful to what 2012 has brought me. New friends & new opportunities such as writing for this site. I learned a lot about style over this year and I hope I relayed that across my few posts. Only one way to end the year right is to bring in the next looking as proper as possible, so gentlemen below are a few ideas on how to do it right.

Depending on the type of event here are 3 options that should give you a basic idea of where my mind is going. Not every one is for the full get up but that doesn’t mean style should be lax as well…


Now some like to go all out but try to keep a little fun involved. Patterned accessories or not so normal fabrics should help you accomplish this…


Somewhere in between your look can lie as well but again fabrics and accents must be key. A full on hard bottom might turn you off so something like a dress boot can keep a little funk.



  • Try to avoid too much matching – patterns, fabrics, colors.
  • Avoid too many loud colors – subtlety speaks louder.
  • Make sure of your size & fit – #1 mistake made by most.
  • Avoid logos with suits – Gucci, Hermes & such belts & patterns should never be paired with suiting. Keep it for when you’re on the ave.

Keep it fly & safe this new years night & see you in 2013!



Fall is in full swing and the air is getting so much more chilly. It’s not only about keeping warm up top, let’s not forget about the base. Many different styles, materials, and options for your choosing. Whether its boots, kicks or shoes make sure your colors and materials embrace the autumn flavor and not stay stuck in another season.


Obviously I’m more inclined to choose this option. Luckily for me companies like the Jordan Brand, Clae Footwear & Converse not only have the heat for Autumns cooler temps but they fully embrace fall materials and colors. Sneaks like the AJIX Olive and Converse Chuck Taylor Hi Wool definitely add some dimension to your wardrobe.



Obviously we’re familiar with Timberland but there are so many other options for boots. Don’t toss the 6 inch’s away but open horizons and take a look at a oxford boot or a full patent leather boot (actually in my repertoire).


A good shoe is always a must for any gentleman. Obviously they’re not just for work but also for those casual times with the ones closest to you. Cole Haan always has a nice selection and the use of the technology from parent company Nike keeps these shoes comfortable as well as stylish. Don’t forget the loafers, always stylish for the fall.

So gentleman, the unofficial start to the summer is upon us which also means since the weather changes so does your wardrobe. But what must remain is the mainstay of style. So whether you have packed up to head somewhere tropical and breezy like Miami, Cancun, Myrtle Beach,D.R. style incorporates  some board shorts or speedo.

In NYC if it doesn’t rain your going to BBQ hop like a rolling stone with no home here are some outfit ideas to keep the eyes on you and not the grill.

Untitled #3

Camo shorts have been big for a couple of years now so why fix what isn’t broken. Pair with your favorite tee since they are the ultimate utility piece to your summer wardrobe. Of course the fitted cap / Jordan combo is a staple of mine so head into the closet and pull out your favorite pair.

Untitled #2

Want to turn it up a bit, ditch the Jordans & fitted pull out your favorite pair of slim jeans and pair with a classic polo. For the shoe game a nice casual sneaker is the move. Some like boat shoes, I personally like a clean shoe which feature different materials like tweed or tumbled leather. Its a classic look updated for the times we are in.

Untitled #1

Want to impress? Get well dressed in the lighter neutral hued pants. Usually dressed up with a blazer & tie or with a polished sweater but for the weather we expect dress them down with a denim or chambray short sleeve shirt. A nice pair of oxfords from designers like Cole Haan complete the look and keep you comfortable. Its the perfect finishing touch.

Here’s a few options but obviously there’s many more.. I’m only one man.

This very well might be the most important item in your closet. If you don’t already own a well-fitting sports jacket, you might want to schedule it as the first thing you buy this spring. Play it right and you’ll look as sharp as well as dapper. It can be the key to a more stylish spring.

You can wear it every day, no kidding.  You can dress it up, but it’s meant to be played in. It doesn’t need an occasion, and it doesn’t need to match anything. It just needs to be worn..

There’s obviously a difference between a blazer and a sports jacket. Blazers are more prep. Why? The fact that there were mostly for school uniforms. Sport jackets obviously for sport: hunting & fishing. Recommended is one sports jacket, whether it’s cotton, tweed, wool, or linen; lined or unlined; brown, black, khaki, or plaid. Oh yes plaid, so venture through your pop’s pops closet then update the fit with tapered sides and a shorter length, preferably just below your pants pockets.

The sport jacket is versatile. Jeans, khaki, chino doesn’t matter. A plaid shirt, purple sweater, anything from khakis to jeans, it all works. Not sure, do what I do – lay the outfit on your bed from shoulder to feet take a step back and take a few glances. Keep it prep with v-neck, loafers & plaid or modern with slacks and oxfords.

Oh and accessories are a must so match up a pocket square & brass or mirrored buttons. Hopefully this enlightened you a little and below I have a few options. Pick up at least one (but more is ok as well) and step from the business meeting straight to after hours!