Although the weather hasn’t been consistently warm as one would like it is still spring and NIVEA has some tips that will have our skin looking fresh and feeling renewed.


1. Give Skin a Nudge for Spring:

“Exfoliate rough skin over from winter weather to reveal softer, touchably smooth skin, just in time for spring. Reach for NIVEA’s Touch of Renewal Lathering Body Scrub with Hydra IQ technology that contains peeling particles that cleanse by gently removing loose dead skin revealing silky renewed skin.

2. Maximize Skin Firming Hydration Power:

“Apply lotion immediately after the showering to lock in even more moisture. Be sure to pat your skin with a towel until dry instead of rubbing it to prevent irritated skin. Try NIVEA’s Skin Firming Hydration Body Lotion with Q10, proven to firm and tighten skin’s surface in as little as two weeks. It’s formulate with HYDRA IQ Technology that supports skin’s own hydration network to unleash non-stop moisture, lasting more than 24 hours.

3. Keep Your Lips Fresh:

“Did you know keeping lips hydrate is the best way to maintain a plump pout? Moisturize your pucker, and add a pretty Spring shade to your look with NIVEA Kiss of Care & Color, formulate with a moisturizing core of nourishing Pro-Vitamin B5 and Shea Butter.

I am a faithful user and believer in most NIVEA products. Just last week I told you all how some NIVEA products helped get my skin back in order after a muddy and physical challenge. I love the Touch of Renewal Lathering Body Scrub and the Skin Firming Hydration Body Lotion with Q10 does help tone. My only wish is that NIVEA begin to incorporate spf in their lip products and will officially be hooked!

Tell us how you incorporate NIVEA into your beauty routines to help get the perfect spring look. Share your favorite beauty tips with NIVEA on Facebook and Twitter using the #NIVEA Hashtag.

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Disclosure: The products in the picture were provided by NIVEA. All ideas and opinions expressed about the products are my own.

*Sigh* Later on this week the weather won’t get out of the 50s. That means it is really time to prep for the chilly weather that we will have for the next five months (March is never warm enough for me). Here are a few tips that I will follow to make sure that my skin is soft and supple during the chilly months.


  1. Purchase heavy lotions like Eucerin or cremes like NIVEA Creme. Creams and heavy lotion provide more moisture and better protection to prevent your skin from feeling and looking dry
  2. Use a hydrating soap or bodywash. When it says hydrating it’s adding more moisture. I like to apply a body oil right after while my skin is still damp to seal in my moisture then apply my creme/heavy lotion.
  3. Take care of your hands and nails. My mother always remind me that I have my father’s hands, meaning old and dried up, and she is right. I have to always moisturize my hands, and not only after my hands have been in water. Also, don’t forget about your nails. Not only will your hands get dry, but so will your nail bed and cuticles. So invest in a good cuticle oil.
  4. Don’t forget the sunscreen! The sun doesn’t stop shining in the fall and winter.
  5. Use a lip scrub and moisturizing lip balm frequently. I like the Mary Kay Satin Lips mask as my scrub. I have been using all NIVEA lip care products and I really love the lip butters because they are super moisturizing and leave my lips feeling so soft.
  6. Assess your facial cleansers and moisturizers. I change my moisturizers pretty frequently (every 3-4 months usually) because my face seems to get tired if I use the same products over and over. Now that it is getting cooler, I need a heavier moisturizer that won’t clog my pores, but won’t have my skin looking or feeling dry either. Also invest in hydrating masks as well to keep your skin looking and feeling fresh and vibrant.

What’s your routine when the weather changes?


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The summer is on it’s way, hopefully it is not delayed like spring, but with warmer temperatures comes short shorts, mini skirts, and flirty dresses. This only means that we have only a few weeks to get our legs ready to bare it all!

I was sent the NIVEA Skin Firming Hydration Body Lotion with Q10 to take part in Nivea’s Dare to Bare Challenge over the next two weeks. So I will be replacing my usual daily lotion with NIVEA’s Skin Firming Hydration Lotion for the next two weeks and track the differences in my skin.

NIVEA Skin Firming Body Lotion, formulated with Co-Enzyme Q10 Complex and Hydra-IQ, is proven to provide firmer more toned skin within two weeks.

  • firmer, more toned skin
  • more resilient skin
  • softer, smoother skin texture
  • 24 hour moisturization


Hydra-IQ is NIVEA’s exclusive technology that supports skin’s own hydration network to unleash deep, non-stop moisture that lasts more than 24 hours.


Want to know how you can get involved in the action?

Using the hashtag #DareToBare retweet posts or photos and tweet why you want to try Nivea with a picture of what you will rock with smoother and firmer looking skin. Each week in May, Nivea will pick two fans on Twitter through the #DareToBare hashtag to win a free product. So are you ready to bare it all?

Disclosure: I was sent the Nivea Skin Firming Hydration Body Lotion from a pr company for review as a member of the Nivea Digital Influence Network

Anyone that knows me, or knows me well will tell you that I am addicted to Carmex. I have one in my purse, on my night stand, in my car, and also in my desk. Where ever I am, you will fine Carmy. Well lately, I’ve been having a love/hate relationship with Carmy. I found myself using my Carmex very frequently, like multiple times within one hour. I don’t think any chapstick should  be used that frequently, your lips should not use moisture that quickly. Well I received in my ‘goody bag’ from Shecky’s NIVEA’s new product “A Kiss of Milk & Honey.” I was hesitant to try it out, but I must say I was impressed.

A Kiss of Milk & Honey Soothing Lip Care that boost’s the lips natural defense

“Let y our lips look and feel soft and smooth to make every kiss memorable. NIVEA Lip Care gives you beautiful lips that are ready to kiss and be kissed. NIVEA Lip Care products are formulated to provide hours of moistruization, so you are always ready to let a great kiss happen. NIVEA A Kiss of Milk & Honey uses nature’s best remedies to pamper and boost the natural defenses of your lips”

  • Natural milk protein and rich golden honey formula helps strengthen lips’ resistance to stay well hydrated and healthy looking
  • Seals in moisture
  • Intensively moisturizes so lips can stay healthy and hydrated

Directions: Apply to lips as needed

My Thoughts

At first I was a little skeptical because I have tried NIVEA’s lip products before, but I was completely sold on Carmex. The Milk and Honey lip balm goes on very smoothly. It gives your lips a nice coating that lasts for a very long time. I found myself reapplying  the Milk and Honey once every few hours. Your lips are left feeling very soft which is always a plus. The smell is a little different being that I am used to the cherry flavored smell from Carmex, but it is not unbearable. My main dislike is the packaging. I like to make sure my caps and tops are secure and I find the Milk and Honey’s cap is a little too loose. If you are looking for something to help soften your lips, this would be a great product, but if you are looking for something that helps repair extremely chapped lips, you may want something medicated.

On a scale of 1 to 5 I would rate this product a 3.5

This product retails for $2.99 at Walgreens