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I haven’t done one of these in God knows how long. I am going to commit to at least 2 Mani Monday’s per month. That’s a start. For this week I decided to break out the hot colors for spring. I know Spring doesn’t officially arrive until Wednesday hey, I’m a little impatient.

I chose to do a glitter tip mani with “Hot Magenta” 120 as the primary color with “Rockstar Pink” 140 as the glitter tip from Sally Hansen’s Xtreme Wear Line. I topped it off with Sally Hansen Insta-Dry top coat.

 IMG_7844 IMG_7845

Here’s the mani




This seasons nail trends have something for everyone -from “nude” mani’s to bold, colorful artwork.

Check out the top nail trends for Spring/Summer 2012:


Spring/Summer 2012 Nail Trends: Tangerine
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Spring/Summer 2012 Nail Trends: Glitter
Spring/Summer 2012 Nail Trends: Nude
Spring/Summer 2012 Nail Trends: Ombre
Art & Patterns:
Spring/Summer 2012 Nail Trend: Artwork & Prints
Spring/Summer 2012 Nail Trend: Neon
Spring/Summer 2012 Nail Trend: Blues
Spring/Summer 2012 Nail Trend: Pastel




I am a bit obsessed with nails and am constantly on the look out for funky and unique patterns/artwork to try for my nails (I LOVE bold nails).   There are so many blogs/tumblrs I follow for nail inspiration!



Check out some of my favorites looks of current nail trends from some of my go-to nail sites….

Here are some of my favorite nail sites:








Are you ladies feeling any of the current nail trends?  Have you tried any out?


I hate sitting and waiting for my nails to dry! It is extremely annoying, but here are a few tips to dry that mani quickly.

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The new year is upon us and it is about that time that everyone sets goals that they want to accomplish throughout the year. I don’t necessarily believe people have to wait until January 1 to make a change, but for many people this is a good starting point. I always write my goals out in various categories such as: faith, relationships, career, finances, health, etc. So this year I added two new categories, fashion/style and beauty thought it would be fun to share my fashion and beauty resolutions with you all for the upcoming year.  So here it goes…

  1. Shop my closet: When I shop, I sometimes forget to think about what I already own. I sometimes end up with two or three of the same or very similar items. It’s not until I get home and put everything away that I realize I had something similar. So I can only buy things that I don’t already own.
  2. Create more creative looks: When I say creative looks, I don’t mean “crazy.” I usually stick to classic pieces, which you can never go wrong with, but I want to play around with more colors, textures, prints, and accessories
  3. Buy more accessories: My accessories collection is slowly fading, and accessories transform an outfit. So when I shop, I will look for accessories first, since they are significantly cheaper than purchasing an entirely new outfit, to create different looks.
  4. Use my makeup: I have A LOT of makeup, not as much as a makeup artist, but I only wear makeup when I’m going out or on the weekends. Sometimes I don’t feel like getting up 15-minutes earlier to “put on my face” for work. So I must not waste my money and use what I have.
  5. Hair Rules: I want to try different styles. I have three “signature” styles that I rock now: my good ol’ faithful doobie wrap, a sleek-chic ponytail, and curly/waves. I want to try different hairstyles to switch up my look. Also work on getting my hair healthier. I am not on this “natural” bandwagon that most people are on. I was considering going natural, but then I really thought about it and thought why? My hair is healthy now, and I am relaxed, but I want it to grow fuller and longer.
  6. Nails, Nails, Nails: I used to do my at home manicures every Sunday, then I fell behind with some things at work and spent my Sundays trying to catch up instead of pampering myself. So I need to keep up with my manicures because they do wonders for my old lady hands.

What are your 2011 fashion and beauty resolutions?

Last week I did a post on the couture manicure featuring YSL nail polish (click here to read) and this week my sister, niece, and I went to the nail salon for or manis. So here are the photos.

She really wants to be like mommy and auntie, so my sister let her get her nails done like this. She has pink and yellow nail polish with blackberry flower thumbs (that is my sister’s phone)

My sister has a mint green and white version.

All three of us together. I have a purple and pink combo.

I think the couture mani will be my “thing” for the summer. Its fun!

What do you think about HGBs Couture Manicure?