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Macy’s Bra Sale

When you have on a good bra your whole life changes. Ok maybe not your whole life, but definitely your entire look. Through out the year I wait patiently to see commercials or advertisements on the television and newspapers for Macy’s. I look through my Macy’s catalog’s religiously for the words “Bra Sale Buy 2 Get 2 Free.” I was just having this conversation with someone a few weeks ago. I was like man when was the last time Macy’s had a bra sale. Usually, it is buy 2 get 1 free, but that sale doesn’t get me excited.

So yesterday off I went to to rack up on some bras. I had to get fitted because the girls have been growing out of control like I’m going through puberty. It is just ridiculous. I also had a hard time finding the cute bras in my new size. I thought a 34D was a common size but they had almost everything but that. I don’t understand how they can have 2 full racks of As and Bs and one little lonely D rack. If all of the As and Bs are still there and the Ds are all gone, shouldn’t you have more Ds? The Ds that I did find were a 36 and 38. I mean really? Can  you have more of a variety…sheesh. Is that too much to ask?

I tried on about 12 bras and I ended up buying 7 pairs.  2 pairs were packaged together because they were 2 for $29.99. So I spent about $100 for 7 bras. I couldn’t find other bras that fit well so I ended up getting a bra for a family member as my 8th option.

I’ve come to realize that my favorite brand is Maidenform. First off, they always have bras in my size. I didn’t have to search high and low in their section.


I also love Maidenform because they are extremely comfortable. The straps are not too thick or too thin and they provide great support. Their t-shirt bras are my favorite.

Head to your local Macy’s for a proper fitting and to take advantage of such a great sale!