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Throughout life we come across many different people or experience different events that have a great impact on our lives. Growing up, we are always asked who is your role model or who influences you. Sometimes it is hard to answer that question because we come across some amazing people in our lives that can easily said. When it comes to events, we have great milestones like weddings, births, graduations, job promotions, and much more.

Now that I am older I look at the question differently and truly understand the meaning of influence. Influence is defined as the capacity, action, power or process of producing effects on the actions, behavior, opinions, etc. of another or others. When I look at the definition what sticks out to me is that influence deals with the effects on the actions, behavior, opinions of another. This means that a person or event that is influential must cause you to want to give back or act. Often times we mistake admiration for influence. I can admire many qualities about a person, but just because I admire those qualities doesn’t mean that I have be called to do anything.

There isn’t just one person who influences that I am going to discuss today, I am influenced by the younger generation. I know this may seem strange, but today’s youth have a major impact on how I view things in society. Many people are afraid of the future because of the actions and mentality of the younger generation as a whole. I must say that there are times where I have to give MANY of them the side eye because of their actions. They influence me because I want to see them succeed especially because they will be in positions of power when I am older. They will make decisions that will affect me, and I feel many of today’s youth are misguided.

In the age of technology with social media, the age of reality TV, and with the media as a whole, the youth show they are confused and look toward the wrong sources for inspiration. I know many people will say that the parents should be more responsible when it comes to raising a child, but in my line of work I have seen very dedicated parents who want the best for their children, but are unable to compete with all of the unrealistic ideas of what life should be like.

I started this blog as a way to help women look good, feel great, and live better. We need to focus more on the younger generation to dispel myths about body image, popularity, “reality TV” and so forth. We have to teach them about tolerance and celebrating differences because we are all wonderfully and uniquely made. The younger generation influences me to be a better person and role model because I have many people who look up to me. I need to be more of a positive role model to show them that it is ok if you do not follow in the footsteps of your favorite reality star and their unrealistic life. We glorify the negative images and it will take a lot more work to help renew their thinking. We need to encourage them to be more creative and hardworking to know that many things in life do not come easy.

In my career field I give back on a daily basis. Whether it is just my time, my knowledge, or my advice I have a huge impact on many people daily. I want to have more of a direct mentoring role for young women especially to help their transition in to adulthood and for them to have a positive self-esteem and want to become productive citizens in society. I have a group of girls that I currently mentor and they influence and inspire me to do more because of the great progress that I see them making.

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Inspire-verb- to influence; to guide; to prompt; to impel; to motivate to act

With the recent events happening in the world today positive inspiration is something that is definitely needed. We need to utilize our energy in positive ways to invoke positive change. People feel helpless and hopeless now more than ever and are going to extreme measures to make sure people feel the same pain that they do. You know the saying “hurt people, hurt people” and that needs to change.

We all need motivation and encouragement in some way, shape or form. Sometimes it is hard for us to motivate ourselves and so we look to other people to get inspiration to move forward. We need to look in to our lives and make sure that we are trying to live the best life possible, not a perfect life, but the best life. There will high moments and there will be some lows, but guess what? Someone is always watching you looking to be inspired. You may not see your own value or your own worth, but there is someone who is watching you on the sideline looking for ways to better their lives.

So examine your life, it will not be perfect, but are you a living example of the great things that God has done? Are you walking in a positive light? Are you a fragrance and not an odor? Are you living a life that can help inspire someone to move on and do better? You may not have signed up for the job as being someone to inspire others, but sometimes it comes with the territory. Although someone may not say they look at you for inspiration, but that’s alright, still live your life as an example for others to follow.

We need change and that change may come through you and the life you live.

Can you believe that 2012 is almost over? I can’t! It seems as if this year flew by! Time definitely does not wait for anyone so right now it is time to FOCUS. Do you have any goals that you want to accomplish before the end of the year? Is there a relationship that needs to be reconciled? Is there a task that you want to complete? Is there an event that you want to have? Do you have any fears that you want to overcome? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you need to focus.

Create an end of the year plan and work toward ending the year on a good note. You do not have to wait for a new year to start fresh.  Isaiah 43:18-19 “Remember not the former things, nor consider the things of old. Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.” You do not have to be bound to your past or what you didn’t because with Christ, all things are made new. So focus and move forward.

One of my favorite praise and worship songs is “Moving Forward” by Israel Houghton. The lyrics say:

“I’m not going back,I’m moving ahead/Here to declare to You my past is over in You/All things are made new/Surrendered my life to Christ/I’m moving, moving forward”

So it is never too late. Move forward and end the year on the right path.

“Wisdom is the skillful use of knowledge and understanding for successful living” –A.R. Bernard

“We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day.”- Edith Lovejoy

I think this is the perfect way to start a new year and a new work week. Enjoy!