Add a little color to your fall wardrobe! As many of you may know I am an advocate for all things bright and bold. Usually for the fall and winter months we tend to gravitate towards colors that are….hmmmm how can I put this…..dull. Most of the time I just see black, grey, navy blue, and olive green. Guess what? Your fall wardrobe does not have to be a drab! You can still get the feel and look of summer and spring by adding bright and bold pieces to your wardrobe.

Brighten up your fall wardrobe with jewel tones. Jewel tones are colors like sapphire, emerald, ruby, etc. colors that reflect jewels pretty much. They are deep, rich, and compliments all skin tones. Other colors that could fall in this category would be royal blue, royal purple, rich raspberry, deep teal etc.

You can incorporate these colors into your wardrobe a number of ways. You can start with colored denim. Yes your same bright colored jeans from spring/summer can be transitioned into the fall. Trade your sandals in for a pair of booties and a leather jacket. Also try color blocking amber and emerald, raspberry and royal blue, amber and ruby, there are numerous possibilities. To achieve a cohesive color block look for the fall go with the darker/deeper tones on bottom and the brighter tones on top. This will give a slimming effect for those who want to minimize their bottom half as well.

Below you will find some great options to incorporate color in to your wardrobe from


Leather is a huge trend for this fall and HGB has got you covered on some of the hottest and affordable pieces to incorporate in your wardrobe! Leather is definitely luxurious. There is nothing like wearing a rich leather jacket. It changes the dynamic of the entire look. So if you want to incorporate leather in to your wardrobe and not just for outerwear, rock a leather skirt. When I say leather,  faux leather is included. Some people aren’t afforded the luxury of being able to purchase a leather skirt for $150 so faux leather will do. My favorite type of leather skirt is the pleated skater skirt. It is edgy, yet ladylike. You can pair it with a simple white blouse and a pair of black pumps and be ready for work. Now for the evening, a sexy camisole and blazer will be perfect for a date with the beau. I also love the classic leather pencil skirt. I just purchased a faux leather pencil skirt from jc penney for $25 and it will be making it’s debut to the world sometime next week lol. If you do not want to go for the entire leather look for fear of looking like a dominatrix, try going for a skirt with leather panels or a leather waist band. Below are some options for leather and faux leather skirts that you can add to your wardrobe this fall.


Hello my loves! I hope you all are having a fabulous summer. It is not totally over yet, we still have a few weeks left of fun in the sun, but if you hit any of your local malls or retail stores, you will see huge clearance and sale signs because it is time to get rid of the summer merchandise and usher in new items for the fall. So my previous post focused on the Fall Trends that you can expect for 2012 but now it is time to get more in depth with a few of the trends.

One of my favorite trends this season is prints, but not just for blouses and dresses, pants as well. I have a few pairs of printed pants, but the material is incredibly thin for all Fall/Winter. One pair I can easily transition, because of the color, by pairing them with opaque tights, but the others, not so much.

The key to wearing printed pants is to pair them with a solid color top for a clean look. You can take your look up a notch by mixing prints. Make sure the prints have complimentary colors. That is key! For other accessories try a boyfriend blazer for more sophistication, or a denim jacket for a casual feel.

Here are some great options for printed pants

Will you partake in this trend?

Is it possible that Eve read’s Her Goody Bag? Hmmmmm nothing is impossible, but last week 2 of our featured posts involved fur and the color red and here we have Eve looking AMAZING in these two trends. Not many people can pull this off, but she has me wanting to find a red suit. The purple shoes are a nice touch and adds an element of surprise to the look. I would have paired it with a black pump to keep it simple, but Eve just looks amazing.

I have never had a house visit from a doctor before, not sure if many people in my generation or the one before me have, but one thing that I do notice when watching old movies and tv shows is the bag the doctor’s carry. It is a sleek and chic bag, and it is one of the fall must haves of 2010 according to Marie Claire. Here are some options of affordable doctor’s bag (or satchels) that will have you looking stylish and ready to cure any fashion sickness.

  1. The Limited Doctor’s Satchel $65
  2. ASOS Mini Doctor’s Bag $34
  3. Nicole Lee Patchwork Doctor’s Bag $65