Her Goody Bag also offers personal styling services.

It’s All About You: Initial Style Consultation

A session aimed at understanding your current lifestyle and how it contributes to your current style. Once we assess your current style we are then able to create an action plan to begin the process of updating your wardrobe. This process also includes a body type analysis (1hr)

 Closet Purge Wardrobe Assessment

A session designed to follow an Initial Style Consultation (see above).  Your wardrobe is assessed using a checklist to determine what to keep, save and throw away. Once your current wardrobe is examined a “Wardrobe Shopping Plan” will be provided for future purchases. This service can be done annually (entire wardrobe), bi-annually(Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter), or quarterly (Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall). (2 hr minimum)

It’s All in the Details: Accessory Workshop

A session designed to review your shoes, handbags, scarves, jewelry and more. We will show you how a simple accessory can take your look up a notch. A look is not complete unless you have the perfect accessories. We will review the must have pieces and also how to incorporate more bold pieces in your wardrobe without being overwhelmed. You will learn the proper way to accessorize. (1 hour minimum)

 Picture Perfect: Personal Look books

Personalized look books will be created that show the client looks that can be created from their own wardrobe and looks that best suit their body type. The books can be created based on seasons also.  The looks include work attire, casual/dressing down, special occasions (weddings, birthday parties), and functional accessories that can update your look. (Two look minimum)

Elevated Style: Personal Shopping (with or without client)

With the client– a session to acquire items from your “Wardrobe Shopping Plan.” At least two weeks notice is required to ensure all resources and a list of items you want to purchase have been confirmed. (4-6hrs)

Without the clientDon’t have time to shop? We will get it done for you.  This leaves you free to focus your valuable time on other obligations. (3-4hrs)

 One Night Only: Special Occasions/Events

A session aimed at quick preparation for special events including outfit, accessories, footwear, etc. (Minimum 1hr)

Glam Jam: Group/Corporate Settings

Group– From birthday makeovers to personal shopping, we’ll create style sessions to teach you and your friends how to dress for a certain occasion, edit your wardrobe, shop your closet, and much more (2-8 participants).

Corporate- Address work appropriate attire and lessons in business casual

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