Ladies, we have all dated a few jerks in our lives, but we do not have to continue! While reading Glamour’s March I came across a list of the 6 guys we must stay away from. Here is a list with HerGoodyBag twist
1. Rebound Guy-This guy will ALWAYS compare you to his ex! How well you cook, how your butt looks in jeans, and of course the intimacy! If you are really interested in this type of guy it is in your best bet to let him “heal” before you attempt to have a relationship.
2. Disappearing Guy– He is the magician, sometimes you see him, sometimes you don’t. Sometimes he calls, sometimes he won’t. Is he intouch everyday with phone calls, e-mails,text messages, and then out of the blue he goes MIA? Does he think the world revolves around him? He doesn’t call you for a week and expects you to be available within an hour to go out for drinks. Stay away from him. He is not consistent and consistency is very important in a relationship. Save yourself the ride on the emotional roller coaster.
3. Slick Guy– Is his life something out of a movie? Is he engulfed with the high life and feels complete with the new Louis Vuitton sneakers or a pair of Gucci’s? Have you seen his life on MTV, BET or any other tv show? Guess what he is hiding something! He is hiding it within his material possessions. Is his phone always on vibrate? You don’t want to wait until the wedding, kids, or even monthis from now to see his true colors.
4. Rude Guy– Ok he is the ultimate jerk pretty much! Holding random conversations or texting at dinner, “secretly” looking at other women (I know they all do, but not in my face), not holding the door for you to walk in first or even opening the car door; he is just RUDE! He obviously does not respect women and we are queens and should be treated as such!
5. Grabby Guy-I hate this type of guy! Why must you always touch me uggghhhh? Especially in weird locations like, why is your hand on my butt in the paper goods aisle in the grocery store. There is nothing wrong with being affectionate and all, but there is a time and a place for everything! Is his hand always on your thighs? Does he make many sexual innuendos? There was this one guy that was interested in me that wanted to go to the strip club on the first date! RED FLAGS definitely went up! We need to be respected and treated like the beautiful women we are especially in public, if you feel disrespected by this guy and his incontrollable hormones then RUN!
6. Last Year’s Guy-Ladies, he is an EX for a reason. Sometimes we get into these sulking moods where we just want to cuddle and be held and shown a good time….but not with the EX! Obviously something wasn’t there or something went wrong that caused you to break up! We need to move forward not backwards.

So last night on twitter was CRAZY!!!! The popular trending topic was Turn Ons and Turn Offs. The responses I read were HILARIOUS!!! Some responses left me thinking ok this why you are single…others left me saying OH EM GEE! So I compiled a list of the most realistic Turn Offs for guys. Ladies take notes. Oh nothing on this list will be sexual…I’m not trying to be in your bedroom business…there are other blogs for that

Turn Offs
1. Trying to hard to please him….Ladies men are simple!
2. Talking about your ex…..Ladies unless he asks….please don’t mention how Tyrone did you dirty….they hate that! (I was guilty of this before)

4. Don’t pressure him into talking about “his feelings” Ladies we need to understand that men do not communicate like us and we can’t expect them too, but don’t nag and ask constantly well how do you feel….ummm yeah if you want to keep him or get him don’t do that.
5. Don’t try to change him!!! Ladies he is grown (or should be…no R. Kelly’s over here) He is old enough to make his own decisions. If you need to try to change him then you don’t need to be with him. You can’t make him into the man you want. Accept him for who he is flaws and all.
6. Crusty feet….yuck!! Ladies keep it together, get your scheduled Manis and Pedis. He does not like how sand paper feels against his legs!

8. Women who do not maintain a presentable appearance. You never know if he is going to surprise you at the hair salon or at home so make sure you are not rockin your sweats with stains from 1920 and holes all in your shirt…no bueno
9. Uneducated women. A man actually appreciates a woman who is educated and who can articulate herself. Please don’t sound like Toya and Tiny….Baaaaaaaabaay
10. Don’t play the role of the victim! Stop complaining about everything! The world is not against you!

Other Turn Offs include:
1.Selfishness-it is ok to treat your man to a nice meal once in a while
2. Overbearing insecurities
3. Being too needy and clingy
4. A woman who cannot cook….ladies remember the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach
5. A woman who is not stylish…..we can help you get your style game together!
There were a bunch of other tweets, but ladies I think these are the most helpful!
Stay tuned for the Turn Ons and other topics dealing with men and dating!

7. Sloppiness! Please buy clothes that fit! No muffin tops hanging out or pants that are so tight he can see the cellulite in your butt or your legs!!! Ewwwwwwwwwwww!

3. Being too conservative or being too loose…in other words…Try not to be so stuck up and don’t act like a smutty buddy. It is ok to be professional and it is ok to express your sexual liberation but be tactful


Ok so yesterday I did the Turn Offs well here are a list of realistic Turn Ons. The Turn Ons were just as funny as the Turn Offs but I think these are the most helpful. Once again nothing sexual…there are other blogs for that….just go and google them.
Turn Ons
1. Personality is very important. Look for easy-going, easy to be with, low maintenance.
2. Confident, fun, strong – yet kind- women
3. Takes care of herself- mentally and physically
4. Makes decisions based on what is good for her, not to please me or someone else
5. Is positive and can be part of a healthy give-and-take relationship…remember it is not all about you!!!
6. Attractive and has style and class
7. Is a good friend, easy-going. easy to be with
8. Is upfront and communicates feelings/wants/needs clearly and directly…the key words are CLEARLY AND DIRECTLY LADIES. Stop giving hints and just say what you want and how you feel.
9. Comfortable with herself/her body/her decisions
10. Throws down in the kitchen! Do not kill him with your salty pork chops ladies. If you are not so good in the kitchen…go ask Big Momma or take a culinary class
Other Turn Ons include:
1. Matching Panty and Bra sets (did you miss the Victoria Secret’s Semi-Annual sale?)
2. Women who support their men and not try to act like their mothers
3. Pretty feet
4. Au Natural—-take it easy on the lacefronts, the colored contacts, and the tons of makeup.

I love these trending topics on twitter! Ladies stay tuned I have more GOODIES for you about what men REALLY WANT! This should be interesting!

Ok so unfortunately most, if not all, women have been subjected to some type of heartbreak. Whether its a guy cheating on you or just not returning your calls, the warning signs are always there.
So with the help of my friends, who will remain anonymous for this post, I have compiled a list of answers for this question “How does a guy let a woman know he is not/no longer interested?” If he is not mature enough to tell you things are not working out, this is what he will do…

1. He will talk about how he feels about other chicks. In the words of Stephanie from full house (pouty lip and all) “How rude!” He is trying to tell you that you are no longer the “apple of his eye”
2. He will become like Casper and disappear. He will not show any signs of life or activitiy on sites like twitter and facebook. You will really think something happened to him, until you forget about him or find someone else to occupy your time. I personally think this is really immature, but apparently some men are.
3. He will not e-mail, call, text, or bbm. He won’t respond to your e-mails, calls, texts, or bbms. This is part of his disappearing act.
4. If he does call or text, he won’t bring up getting together with you. If you text him and his responses are just “oh, ok, cool, nothin, chillen, that’s wassup, alright, haha,” He is giving you the warning signs ladies and you should, in the words of Carlton from The Fresh Prince, MAKE LIKE A BANANA AND SPLIT…lol…Its not worth it trying to make something work that you know isn’t even worth it.
So if he is doing any of the above, leave before your heart is really in it. If he does this during a relationship…Steve McNair him lol I AM JOKING!!!!! Don’t kill him, but save yourself from further emotional pain and distress. Take his picture, tape it to the door and throw darts at it. Ok I’m joking about that to, but don’t fret know that you are BEAUTIFUL, FABULOUS, AND FIERCE and pray that God will send you a man mature enough to handle situations like these.
So ladies stay tune for more…The Inside Scoop: Men
Ok ladies, sometimes we go on dates and we think we have a lot in common with this one particular guy, but then he starts acting “funny.” With the help of our friends and, we’ve compiled a list of red flags that will help you
“Ditch Him Before He Ditches You!”

1. He doesn’t make much eye contact. That is just rude! He is definitely doing the Stevie Wonder head shake! This could mean that he doesn’t like looking at you. Even if he is “shy” if he is attracted to you, he wouldn’t be able to keep his eyes off of you.
2. If not looking at you isn’t bad enough, if he doesn’t comment on your beauty, you may want to breathe, stretch, shake and let him go. When you first start dating he may say you are beautiful, I love your hair, your eyes, your perfume, SOMETHING. If he doesn’t compliment you then don’t waste your time.
3. He keeps his hands to himself. Well I’m not saying he should act like the master groper, but there will be some casual touching. He may grab your hands, gently touch your shoulder or arm or even your back as you guys walk or chit chat.

4. If you are on a date and the waiter asks if you want another drink and he says “no we are fine” first smack him (just kidding) then say I can speak for myself. Obviously he is rushing to get rid of you so what you should do is no I’ll have another martini. Drink it slow and then tell him you don’t want to see him anymore lol. (that is pretty mean lol)
5. He doesn’t seem interested in you. If he doesn’t ask you questions about your life or your interests, he is probably self-centered and that is a definite red flag.

6. He does not mention a 2nd date. I’ve been on plenty of dates where the guy tries to setup a 2nd date during the 1st…If you mention that G.I. Joe is coming out he may say ok maybe we can catch a movie this weekend? Or You can say I just love Thai food he’ll say ok maybe we can try Spice…you get my drift? he’ll say things like ok next week we can do this or go
here or see this etc.
7. He doesn’t walk you to your car or if you didn’t drive, doesn’t offer to hail a cab and then when you part ways he gives you a handshake lol He is just pathetic then and you don’t need a 2nd date with him anyway.
So ladies, if any of the flags are raised…even if you are in stilletos, you better RUN! Ditch him before he ditches you.
*Disclaimer, these red flags are not definite or set in stone. We are not responsible for potential breakups or any other relationship woes. Use this information at your own discretion lol