Father’s Day is quickly approaching and if you are anything like me then you have yet to go shopping. Whether you need a gift for your husband, father, brother, friend, or significant other, one, or all, of these five items is guaranteed to put a smile on their face. So check out the list below!


1. Tickets to a sports game– Baseball anyone? Since it is baseball season and most men like all types of sports get them two tickets to a game. You could be the lucky person they bring along, or they can go with a friend. You could also see about purchasing advance tickets for their favorite sports team for the upcoming season. Also to throw in a little extra you sports apparel is always a plus! So pick up a t-shirt, hat, or some memorabilia.


2. Concert Tickets– Men love to be entertained! Get them a pair of tickets to see their favorite artists up close and personal. If their favorite artist does not have a show coming up try putting together a little music box, maybe a collection of music that they love. It could be old records, CDs or DVDs. You know what the men in your life would appreciate it. Listen out for their favorite pandora station to get ideas! (My bf loves Billy Joel lol hence the picture)


3. Day at the Spa– Who says that men do not like to be pampered? Book your favorite guy a 1-hour massage at a local spa to help him really relax from his daily duties. I’m sure they would be very appreciative. If you want throw in a facial (without extractions because they hurt) to give them the total pampering experience.


4. Fitness Membership- Have the men in your life mentioned taking a Crossfit class, boxing, or getting a personal trainer? Help them with their health goals and purchase a one-month membership to a gym of their interest or classes/training sessions to help them get in shape or stay in shape. You could also buy them accessories for an at home gym-not saying buy a treadmill, but the P90X DVD may work with a pull up bar and the Perfect Pushup (Only purchase this if they mentioned it…If not they may think you are trying to say they are overweight and we don’t want that to happen). To put the icing on the cake, purchase some workout gear with the Dri-Fit technology. They will love you for it.

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5. Books! Help them build or maintain their intellectual capacity. Look up their favorite authors or find books on topics that they may have mentioned or showed interest in. You could  purchase the actual book or if he’s more the digital type, purchase ebooks.


This list is not your traditional list but we have those items covered too!

1. Cologne
2. Tie
3. Electronic Gadgets
4. Footwear
5. Clothing
6. Tools
7. BBQ accessories and cutlery
8. Watch
9. Wallet
10. Games for a game system

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What’s on your radar to purchase the men in your life for Father’s Day?


There are many guys who don’t think that they can benefit from a good skin care routine. They probably look at their wives, girlfriends, mothers, sisters, or any other woman in their lives and feel that skin care is too time consuming. Skin care is important for people of all ages, yes even children. I mean look at Pharrell, he’s looked the same since 1990,  yes it is genetics and some type of secret water that he drinks (I kid), but it’s also because he takes care of his skin. So gentleman, here are three simples steps that you can use to make sure your face does not feel like sand paper. I’m sure your girlfriend will thank me later.


1. Invest in a good facial cleanser

Look for products according to your skin type. Please refrain from using the soap designated for washing your body alone. A good cleanser can make help prevent acne and irritated skin. It can even your complexion, brighten your skin, and make your skin feel silky smooth.

2. Invest in a good moisturizer with SPF

Vaseline or your typical body lotion. A good moisturizer pretty much seals the deal with your skin care. It can help your skin feel supple all throughout the day. It could also help prevent acne, even complexion, and soothe skin after irritation. A good moisturizer also has SPF. Sun exposure is serious, and if you are a guy that is very active with outdoor sports SPF it is especially important. So look for a moisturizer that is light weight with at least SPF 15-30.

3. Invest in good razors

Most guys suffer from in grown hairs irritated skin because of their razors. Invest in a razor according to your skin type and the coarseness of your beard. Also use a moisturizing shave gel to help soothe your skin during the shaving process, which can take a toll on your skin.

Here are some products that are great for men

So fellas make sure you cleanse, moisturize, and use SPF. Those are the three most important steps. An investment in quality products is an investment in yourself. Visit a dermatologist to discuss your skincare issues, goals, and also to develop a skincare routine suitable for your lifestyle.

Hey Ladies,

Christmas is a little over a week away and there is still plenty of time to shop for your dad, uncle, brother, or any other special guy in your life. So here is a gift guide for some great ideas for the men in your lives.


Professional Attire

Technology Accessories


Sweaters and Sweatshirts


Casual Sneakers

Tech Accessories

Other Ideas:

  • Books!! Give them something to read!
  • Magazines
  • Giftcards (Barnes and Noble, Modells, Best Buy)
  • Tickets to a sports game
  • Spa Day (men like to be pampered as well)
  • Belt and wallet
  • Scarf, hat, and glove set
  • Travel accessories/luggage
  • Business portfolio

    What are you going to get the guys in your life?

Do you know where I will be on September 15, 2013 at 8am? If you guessed Target you are absolutely correct. The highly anticipated collection with Phillip Lim will be available in stores and online. I usually don’t shop these collections the day of, but this is a different situation. This will be my 3rd time (I’ve purchased from the Jason Wu Collection and Prabal Gurung Collection) and I have been pleased with everything.

Check out some of my favorite looks from the up coming collection

The collection, separated into three sections (morning, noon and night) is meant to be an assortment of lasting, wearable wardrobe staples for someone on the go. It melds Target’s mission–to fulfill the everyday needs of the masses–with Lim’s signature aesthetic, to some pretty perfect results. -Fashionista.com


I’m a sucker for prints so the boom sweatshirt will be mine as well as the blouse and skirt combo. These colors are perfect for fall. I love how the sweat pants were styled. The flats and oversized bag takes it from lazy to luxe


I would wear all of these looks to work. I love floral print but mainly wear it during the spring and summer. These looks show how you can wear florals all year round. The green/blue dress is so my style. I love the pop of color on the sleeves.


I’m not big on wearing suits, but the bottom left pic is so chic. I also love the leather moto jacket with the loose fitting blouse. Leather (faux or real) toughens up the most feminine and sophisticated looks so it is a staple in your wardrobe.

Guys I didn’t forget about you!


I love the sporty feel of the men’s wear, but I also love how it can be more tailored too. A well dressed man can go from the streets to the board room and this collection will help you guys do that.

This collection is modern, feminine, and sophisticated for women and super cool, tailored, and stylish for the men.

I can’t wait!

Check out Phillip Lim’s full interview with Fashionista.com for more on his inspiration Click Here

For the full lookbook click here

Will you be shopping this collection? I plan on spending quite a few dollars here lol

This past Sunday Jay-Z was spotted with Beyonce at Hot 97’s Summer Jam Concert held at The MetLife Stadium. Jay-Z’s style is pretty simple and laid back. One thing that you will probably find tons of in his closet are statement t-shirts like this “Blame Society” T-shirt by Frank & Jan that retails for $24. Yes you read that correctly, $24. I suggest you pick up this shirt fast because at this price I am sure they will sell out immediately!