Chris Rock is a genius, finding a new and innovative way to tackle an issue that has been affecting the Black Community for decades!!! What is “Good Hair?”

If you do not have access to youtube at work, please watch this when you get home”

In my ignorance I have used this term plenty of times before, and even to this day I may say “oooh you got that good hair” jokingly, because I have learned that there is no such thing as “GOOD HAIR!” I remember every other Sunday, my mom would use a hot comb to straighten my hair along with my sister’s hair. I HATED IT!!! The smell, the steam, and the grease burning my scalp, it was painful, but my hair was, and still is, extremely thick and coarse. So my mom had to use the hot comb to make my hair more manageable ( shout out to Madame CJ Walker for this). I think I was in 5th grade when I got my first perm and I wasn’t using PCJ for too long either.

People of African decent have a unique hair texture. I absolutely love it because we can do so many things with our hair that people of other races are unable to do. When I travel to the caribbean there are so many caucasians on the beach trying to get cornrows, even Asians! We are fortunate enough to have a hair texture that can be worked into multiple styles. There is no other race that can have an afro one week, the Hawaiian silky the next, kinky twist the next, and locs within a few months!


The term “good hair” just creates a complex within African-American girls, which causes some type of insecurity. My sister’s hair texture is slightly different from mine. Her hair gets a little wavy and curly when its time for a touch-up, my hair, along with my mom’s, gets very coarse and thick. Yeah some times my kitchen is a little reckless but its nothing that Precise can’t handle lol (the relaxer that I use), but that does not mean her hair is better than ours.

We should not focus on “good hair” but focus on promoting young girls to have “HEALTHY HAIR” That is what is important. Whether or not you are natural or you are a fan weaves, keeping your hair healthy is what is important because who really wants to walk around the street without any edges or a stingy ponytail! When I was in 7th grade (going into 8th) I went to Florida and I swore I was a mermaid and I was in the pool everyday! Unlike my sister I didn’t feel like washing my hair and my hair fell out. I was devastated, but I didn’t take care of it. My mom ended up putting my hair in a “pony tail” and she cut off all of my dead ends. It was horrible. I ended up getting braids for about a year and a half. Every 6-8wks I would get a different style and that made my hair so healthy. During the spring of my 1st year in high school I was able to get my hair relaxed and it was long, luscious, and beautiful! I had to learn about healthy hair the hardway, but I’m glad I learned that lesson.

Everyone is not meant to have hair down their backs. Weaves are very damaging if they are not put in correctly or taken care of. So Ladies, lets not encourage the use of the term “good hair” “healthy hair” is more appropriate. My best friend has locs, just because she no longer relaxes her hair does that mean it is not “good?” We must accept the different textures and styles and just make sure that it is healthy. Oh yeah and fellas listen to the men in the movie….keep ya hands out of our hair…unless you are going to take me to get another Dominican Wash & Set.!



So I was on and came across this article “7 Deadly Skin Sins” Healthy skin is very important. No one wants to look older than what they really are and how well you take care of your skin can sometimes determine your age. I love when Essence covers the women who are like 70 and look 50!!! That is my inspiration and if you read their stories its all about how you take care of your skin. So here are the 7 Deadly Skin Sins…please do not commit any!
#1 Thou Shalt Not: SMOKE!!!! POINT BLANK PERIOD!! Yes you know that smoking causes lung cancer and heart problems. Also it stains your teeth and makes your breath smell like a tobacco shop, but it also prevents your skin from getting the oxygen it needs to rejuvenate. It speeds up the wrinkling process and smoking makes your skin lose its luster causing it to look dry and dull.
#2 Thou Shalt Not: Use a tanning bed. 10 minutes in a tanning bed equals one day of unprotected sun exposure. Try bronzers to get the summer golden glow.
#3 Thou Shalt Not: Get unprotected skin exposure. Even if you have a darker complexion, you are still prone to sun poisioning and skin cancer. You should wear sunblock at least SPF 30 on a daily basis, applying it to the areas that will be exposed to the sun. This rule applies all year round, not just in the summer. The sun rays are deadly especially with the depletion of the ozone layer which leaves us lest protected. Reapply the sunblock every two-hours depending on how often you are exposed to the sun. This will prevent premature aging.

#4 Thou Shalt Not: Wear Makeup to bed!! I don’t care what you see in the movies or in videos (chicks waking up with a face full of makeup) please take the time to remove ALL of the makeup from your face. At night your skin needs to rejuvenate and this cannot happen with your pores clogged with foundation, eye shadow, concealer, blush, etc. Your skin needs oxgyen and when you sleep with makeup on you are suffocating your skin. If you do not wash your face at night you are more prone to get more breakouts.
#5 Thou Shalt Not: Avoid the dermatologist. The dermatologist is not just for people with acne or other skin problems. The dermatologist can help those with clear skin maintain that appearance by providing various skin regimens and also detecting things like skin cancer.
#6 Thou Shalt Not: STRESS!!! I have a problem with this! Every year from September to about mid October I suffer from breakouts. The beginning of the school year always makes me a nervous wreck. I realized that what I was stressing over wasn’t worth it and I was making myself sick. I quickly “let it go and let God” and once I regained my composure my face cleared up. I won’t let this happen this year. Its nerve-wrecking!
When your body is stressed, it pours out a stress hormone called cortisol,” says Bank. This causes a multitude of things. “It robs the skin of its blood supply and can elevate blood sugar, which can cause cells to function abnormally,” says Bank. It can also affect acne oil glands. So bottom line, when you stress out your skin may be more prone to breakouts and is likely to look dull and sallow.

#7 Thou Shalt Not: Skip Sleep!!!-no one looks great with 50lb bags under their eyes! Get the recommended amount of sleep 7-8hrs every night and you will look and feel refreshed. If you only average about 5hrs of sleep…like me…I take naps during the day. My friends laugh but it helps.